Anyone using the Netflix Roku player?

I got a solicitation from Netflix to purchase the Roku player for $100 to view movies instantly on my tv from the Netflix vault. Netflix is not offering hi def movies with this service right now.

Has anyone tried this machine? If so, what do you think of it?
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i am -it is very easy to set up and use -- go to netflix website and look at what can view instantly and see if it interests you -- It is not for first run movies but has pretty good selection of tv (including british tv) offerings, documentaries and smaller independent flix -- they are adding new things all the time --it does not currently support hd ( they say that will come in the future)-- but the nice thing is unlike apple tv once you buy the box you don't have to pay for each download. 100 is the price of the box so Netflix is not giving you a deal but I think it is worth it, Carol

I’ve been a fan of Roku for well over a year using their internet radio and now the Netflex streamer. I joined Netflix based upon their affiliation with Roku. (I have no affiliation with either.)

Over all I’m very happy with the product and would recommend it to everyone.

Although it offers wireless connection to your modem, I’m using the Ethernet connection to insure the best possible data transmission. I’m outputting the video stream to my HDTV using HDMI. Additionally I stream the audio portion to my external dac (via Toslink to my Wadia 830) connected to my 2 channel stereo.

Video quality is as good as standard DVD, depending upon the original movie quality, and the same holds true for audio.

My only complaints lie with Netflix and not the player itself. Newer movie selections and HD (blu-ray) are only available on disk. That being said Netflix has a large vault of older movies and a great selection of music (concerts and documentaries). Gone are the day’s of brick and mortar DVD rentals.

I've used Netflix for over a year and like the service a lot, but the downloading service has no appeal to me until I can be assured of getting new releases and blu-ray releases - at 1080p - on demand. Until then, the short walk to my mailbox is still quite convenient.
I went ahead and ordered a box for my 11 year-old son. That way I don't have to use my rentals that much for him on routine movies. For the newer kiddie blockbusters, of course I'll rent him the dvd with the better sound and resolution.