how to hookup Netflix streaming to a OPPO BDP-93

I have Uverse service for TV and internet.

How would I hook up an OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray Player?

Would I go from my computer to the Oppo?

What cables needed etc?


I don't have Uverse. I have Verizon FIOS, but the procedure should be basically the same. First of all, the connection you need to make is between your Uverse router and the Oppo; it is not between your computer and the Oppo.

The Oppo BDP-93 has wireless capability. Therefore, if your router also has wireless capability, then you don't need any cable at all. If you like, you can make a wireless connection beween the router and the Oppo (assuming the distance is not too great).

If you make a wireless connection, you make the connection via the Oppo's menu structure. I'm not sure what the applicable menu option is named in the Oppo, but it's probably called something like 'wireless setup' or 'network setup.' In any event, once you find the right place in the Oppo's menu structure, Oppo's setup procedure will ask you for one or two numbers that are associated with the router. For example, with FIOS, my router is associated with two numbers: (1) an SSID or ESSID number, and (2) a 'wireless key' number. You should be able to find these numbers either printed somewhere on your Uverse router or by logging into your Uverse account and searching for where they put that info or by calling Uverse.

It's been awhile since I made the wireless connection between my FIOS router and my Sony DVD that has wireless capability, and I can't remember if I needed only one of these numbers or if I needed both numbers. But that should become clear once you get into the correct setup screens on the Oppo.

Alternatively, if you make a wired connection between the router and the Oppo, then you use an Ethernet cable, which is the same kind of cable that connects the router to your computer. As with a wireless connection, you would (after making the Ethernet cable connection) go into the appropriate menu option on the Oppo and provide the Oppo with the applicable router number or numbers as described above.
thank you Gz3827 I finally got that info from Oppo as well.