LG / Netflix - The Center has split

Hi Everyone,

Just noticed something recently.  Apparently Netflix is doing some new streaming technology or settings.  I'm not sure if it's an accident or if it's a bandwidth saving idea.

Basically the 5.1 streams no longer include a center channel but have the center fed to the L&R. I've noticed this across a number of shows, but Paranormal is one.

Of course, if your HT is reasonably well set up this may be difficult to hear.  Sling on the other hand has no such problems.

I'm wondering if anyone else with Netflix can confirm they have the same experience?  Honestly I only noticed this because my L/R amp was off and I couldn't hear the dialogue.
In case you want more details:

I'm using a recent LG OLED TV feeding an Anthem AVM 50.  I've noticed Emotiva owners have mentioned the same curiosities.

I should try the Roku/Netflix app as well.
After more investigation, it seems that this issue is particular to the Netflix LG app.

The Netflix Roku app does not have this issue.

The other TV apps like Sling do not have this problem either.

I noticed this last year sometime.  It really depends on who produced the original show and how they encoded it.  Netflix may stream it as 5.1 Dolby Digital, but the orginal soundtrack was encoded as 2-channel Dolby Pro Logic.  A lot of the foreign produced shows are like this.  You will just have to force your AVR/Processor to "Dolby Pro Logic" mode.
@auxinput :

That would make sense if it was consistent across platforms.

I mean, sure, I can fix it, but why is Netflix  different on Roku vs. LG?? My processor is still getting a 5.1 signal in both cases. It's a Netflix app.  It does seem like I'm actually getting the Dolby Pro Logic track, but encoded in DD.


ugh, sorry. I didn't read into your descriptions enough.  It was just something I noticed because I'm a big netflix user, but I stream from an Oppo BDP-103.  So, yeah, the LG Netflix app may not be that great, lol.
Having the same issue - using the 4K fire stick, brand new AVR setup for 5.1
Pretty annoying
I have an LGTV, but the Netflix app is loaded on my Apple TV, and the center channel is very much in use
Hey @mahler123

It's almost impossible to detect if you aren't looking for it. In my case, I only noticed it because my L/R amp was off. It also doesn't seem to be the same on each device.

i had some glitch in one of my systems when the Apple was not playing through the center channel with Amazon Video.  I got Apple to fix it , using CS for the ATV, but it made a very big difference understanding dialog