Anyone tried a copy protected CD?

Hi everyone,
I'm sure you're all aware that Sony as released some CDs with copy protection. In simple terms, the process to protect the CD is to add some garbage bits on the CD. Did anyone try one of these cds into a high-end cd player... Supposedly, a regular cd player will skip or correct the corrupted bits. What about a really high quality cd player? Does this affect the sound quality at all (I would guess)

Here is a partial list of bad CDs sold in the UK (the same album may not be protected in the US):

"A New Day Has Come" by Celine Dion
"Star Wars Episode 2" soundtrack
"Spiderman" soundtrack
"Laundry Service" by Shakira
"Green Eyed Soul" by Sarah Connor
"J To Tha L-O: The Remixes!" by Jennifer Lopez
"This is the Remix" by Destiny's Child
"MTV Unplugged 2.0" by Lauryn Hill
"Heart To Yours" by Michelle Williams
"Masquerade" by Wyclef Jean (promo release)

Also, do you think the industry will standardize to a lower sound quality CD to protect their rights?
I just read (in TAS I think) that Phillips has taken the position that adding "garbage" to a CD to prevent copying is not part of the "Redbook Standard" for CDs and is therefore technically illegal. However, the article also pointed out that Phillips is not legally challenging the "additions" that some companies are making (at this time). I've not seen any copy protected CDs. Craig
Did you read that taking a black magic marker to the garbage tracks (on the very beginning of the disk) eliminates the copy protection and allows a PC to read them just fine?
Seems like they have already standardized to low quality releases why not low quality sound?
I use "Clone CD" software. I have been able to copy any CD on the market, Music or Game CD's, Data/Software program CD's or any write protect CD. Never had a problem yet.
I read where if you take a magic marker and darken the edge of the disk... that such a simple action defeats the copy protection Sony has placed on the "copy protected" CD's.
Yeah, my 13 y.o. son says that the net is loaded with posts that say black marker on edges defeats the Sony system.
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I recently acquired Laundry Service" by Shakira and have had zero problems in my Sony 9000 CD / SACD player. It also plays without problems in my Macintosh Computer, using Apple CD audio player.

My copy was a gift from a local radio station and has a hole punched through the upper left corner, signifying it is a promo copy. Perhaps in this case the promo is left alone to avoid problems with radio play and the consumer is left with the protected copy.

I have no other experience, nor do I have a regular store bought copy of Shakira to test against.