Anyone Running Anthem P5 Amp

Interested in reading opinions from anyone with an Anthem P5 in their system. Thanks
I just installed an Anthem Statement P5 in my home theater. It replaces two Rotel 1095's which I had used to bi-amp my 5.1 system. I use B&W Nautilus 802's for the front mains, a Nautilus HTM1 for the center channel, and 604's for the rear. I am using the Anthem AVM 20 as the preamp.

In comparison to the 1095's, there is a noticeable improvement in sound quality using the P5. The P5 is not as "bright." Vocals sound much smoother and airier. The low end is tighter. Right out of the box the P5 sounded very good.

I have multiple dedicated 30 amp lines in my home-theater room. This was a necessity for the Rotels. It was hit or miss tripping a 20 line when powering up the 1095's. With the Rotels out of the system, each of the P5's power cords is on its own circuit. No problems at all.

Hope this helps.
I have just replaced a Bryston 4BSST (Front Left & Front right) and a Rotel 1095 (center & surrounds) with a P5.
The Rotel would have been an effective solution for all 5 channels, but was not as musical as the Bryston. The Rotel is great value 5 channel amp, and if its all you've heard you can live with it, but next to the Bryston it was very coarse. When I first connected the P5 it was detailed, dynamic and had a huge soundstage - but thought it to be much brighter than the Bryston. Doing an A/B comparison I quickly discovered the P5 wasn't bright at all - just very detailed, and much better than my beloved Bryston.
The P5 is really a great 5 channel amp.
I am running the P5 and D1 and they are great !!
I replaced Rotel. In the front I have Legacy focus 20/20's. I would have to say that for the price, or even twice the price, these are the best pair I have ever heard (D1 and P5). I would add one bit of caution. The P5 is a bit heavy, no, it weighs a ton !!! Get some help to lift it.
i have been running the anthem d1 and p5 for 10 months in my home theater---they are just wonderful! no problems to date.