Anyone replace the batteries in their AudioQuest DBS packs?

I just replaced 48 batteries in 8 AudioQuest 72-volt DBS packs (4 packs on my shotgun bi-wired CV-8 speaker cables, and 4 packs across 2 pair of XLR Colorado interconnects). Although I purchased all these cables new from Music Direct 1 year ago, I really have no idea how long these cables were in storage prior to purchase. The LED test light showed all packs as OK, but I'd rather spend the $30 (Amazon) for a 50-pack of Energizers and swap them out early than discover a leaky battery.

I listed to the same CD before and after...and heard a difference. I didn't expect this. Anyone else replace the batteries in their AudioQuest DBS packs and notice a difference?
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I just recently replaced all mine. Did I hear a difference? Not sure, especially as it takes few days for the DBS fields to fully form so not that easy to do quick comparisons. Mine were five or more years old as well. Anyway if yours are more than five years old I'd think it's worth doing, last thing you want is a leaky battery messing things up. 
Even if what I hear is a placebo response, it was worth it. $30 is a cheap psychological improvement.
That's a humorous and honest statement. 
How do you replace the battery packs?  Is it a AAA pack? 

The packs use Duracell MN21, Energizer A23 or equivalent. These 12-volt batteries are commonly used in garage door & car alarm remotes. Each pack uses 6 batteries (for a total of 72 volts per-pack).
I have not checked the batteries in DBS on my cv6 wires for a while.   Guess I should.   Things sound good and I've not paid much attention to DBS devices since acquiring.