Anyone own the Darbee Darblet DVP 5000?

Hi Folks;

I've been researching the Darbee Darblet DVP 5000 video processor. We own the Oppo 103, Emotiva UMC-200, and the Mitsubishi 60737 3D DLP HDTV used in a 7 channel Home Theater.

Does anyone own the Darblet DVP 5000 and can advise as to the benefits and claims provided by the reviewers?

It is supposed to offer a very worthwhile video enhancement for 2D and 3D video performance.
Yes and I found that it did improve the apparent details. And after about 6 months of use I still think it is valuable.

My Pioneer KURO 60 inch plasma has the Darbee connected between the tv HDMI input and the Comcast HD cable box. The Darbee is set to 45%. You see the difference/improvement immediately and you can compare the processed signal to the original signal using the half screen demo. Nice.

I have not tried the unit with the BlueRay player.

Originally when installed, I continuously turned the Darbee on and off trying to verify its value. No question anymore. It is on all the time.

The only downside, that I have found, to the Darbee is that it adds additional time when the TV re-syncs to the cable signal.

What is there to lose? I purchased mine online where they gave me a 30 day trial.

Good luck...
Oh yes, I have one and I love it! A friend brought one over and let me try it. After twenty minutes I told him to take it home, any longer and I wouldn't give it back! They are inexpensive and look it, no fancy package. I have a 50 inch plasma, Panasonic, and the improvement in the picture was profound. Everyone who sees what it can do is convinced, and I am sure you will be, too. My friend uses it on a 101 inch projector, 2D and 3D. He is quite a videophile, and not given to fads.
Interesting product. $319 on Amazon, though I didn't see the 30 day free trial.

Hope to see more owners of this product chime in with their $0.02.
Excellent product!
Hi again,

Just to reiterate, this is a great device and it works as described. The effect is a substantial improvement in detail resolution and perceived image depth. It has a permanent place in my video system.

Another poster stated that they could not find the 30 day free trial that I mentioned in the earlier post. Try shopping at SMARTHOME.COM because they do offer a “30-Day Trial Money-Back Guarantee”.

Check it have nothing to lose and a much better picture to gain.
Thanks to all who contributed to my thread.

I am trying to Bullwinkle the Jazzmama into getting the Darblet.

I own a Darblet and I really like it. But dang, I wish I'd known about the Darblet for $249 on DarbeeVision's special page.

I like the Darblet so much, I might even buy another one for my PS3. And a hat, too, lol. The signature Darblet looks cool, but I think I'll surprise my dad with a Darbee gift certificate so he can get what he wants. He is really into his home theater!
When I was getting the message that my TV didn't have the required content protection needed to receive HBO and Showtime, one of the questions asked by the folks at AVS was if I had Darbee in the video chain. Has anyone had a problem sending the required protection through HDMI with Darbee in the video chain?

In my case, power cycling and reconnecting the HDMI cables fixed the problem.