Anyone listen to Dodson 218 DAC?

I read a very good test on this DAC on but cant find any reference to this DAC on this forum. So has anyone any experince with this DAC. Where I live there are no dealer so I have no chance to listen.
I have not listened to the 218, but have the 217 MKII D with the upgrade of 218 software and isolation transformer at the SPDIF input. The Dodson is the finest DAC I have ever heard, and I have heard quite a few. I have lived with it happily for more than 2 years. Quite sensitive to IC and PC.

I read quite a few posts about the Dodson DAC on I haven't personally heard it so this is my only contribution. Good luck.
I own the DAC-263 and love it. I imagine the 218 is alot more of a great thing