Transport for a Dodson DAC-263

Any ideas for a transport for a Dodson DAC-263. My current system consists of:

Bryston 4BSST amp
Bryston BP-20 Preamp
Arcam FMJ-23T as transport
Camelot Dragon Pro 2 Mk II Dejitter device
Dodson DAC-263
ACI Jaguar / LFM speakers
Audience Au24 interconnects
I2digital x-60 digital cables (1.5 meter)
DH labs Q10 speaker cables
Symposium Svelte Shelf and rollerballs unde Transport, DAC and Dejitter device
TG audio SLVR PC's on all components except Camelot

Thanks for the help in advance
Any of the medium level to high level CEC transports would work very well, such as the CEC TL5100 or more advanced models.
The Acustic Arts CD Drive 1 is an excellent choice.
Depends on how much do you like to spend.

For 600$ you can get a mint Theta Data II which is a great transport for the money. CEC5100 is also good, but not any better than Data Basic II, and much more expensive on a secon hand market.

For 2000$ you can get either CEC TL-1 or ML37. Both are excelent, but have different sonic virtues. CEC is more relaxed, ML has beter bass definition.
What's wrong with your Arcam?
Nothing in particular. I am under the delusion that there is always something better out there