Anyone Know the Builder of This 2A3 PPP Amp?

Posted this in a couple of other forums on other sites, but have not heard anything yet, so I thought I would try this audience.

I recently picked up a pair of 2A3 parallel push pull monoblocks, but the seller did not have a whole lot of info on their background.

Sound is great, and they are built like a tank.

Photos can be seen at the following link:;sa=album;id=9194

They are also are supposed to be able to use 45s, have a 7F7 and pair of 7N7 on the input, and a 6SN7GT that I am not sure what it does (it is hooked up only via the heaters). They have switchable balanced/unbalanced inputs and 4/8 ohm outputs.

Anyone recognize them, or have any other info of interest (like a possible schematic)?
See my post to your 5/18 AA query (forgot how to do links here).
Bob Danilek site had info on this kind of amps from what i remember. It was a geocities site, it doesnt exist :\