Anyone know of a good transport for the Ack dAck ?

I'm getting the dAck! but still have not decided on a transport. My budjet is less than $500, used or new. Any good suggestions? I've heard good things about the Parasound CBD 2000, various Theta units, Monarchy Audio DT-40A, cheaper CEC units... Arghhhh!! I'm loosing my mind.

I own a Parasound (CEC) and it sounds great. Would bet the CEC player listed for $350 on the 'gon is very decent. Convinced a learned colleague over his respectable Rega Planet (older version) as a transport.
Parasound CDC-1500 with ADAM upgrade:
CAL Audio, Theta Basic IIs are good choices.

Happy Listening.
"Ack dAck?" Isn't this dialog from "Mars Attacks!"?
Thanks all for your input. I'm really interested in the belt drive transports (eg Parasound CBD 2000 by CEC and the CEC belt drive units). I believe the Parasound CDC-1500 and the CEC 3300 are direct drive units, although they look like nice units. I just recently lost out on ebay bid for a Parasound CBD 2000, final bid ~370 which was a great deal :( And yes, I believe the Ack dAck! should belong in the movie "Mars Attacks!" because the sound of the dAck! is out of this world according to many on this planet!
I'm using with an old JVC XLZ 1050TN, a cheap Sony DVP655 SACD/DVD player, and an Adcom 750. With the Sony, there is some slight popping sound out of the speakers when you load a disc, otherwise the three sound virtually the same to me - I can't tell any difference. The Ack does not seem to be picky about transports!