Anyone know how to record to DVD recorder from DVR

Hi, I have the Verizon Motorolla Qip7232 DVR.
I got a better deal from Cablevision, so i'm going with Cablevision.
My question is, does anyone know how to send the stuff i recorded on the Verizon DVR to a DVD recorder.
I spoke to Verizon and they told me, I cant transfer stuff i downloaded on Verizon DVR to the external DVR hard drive if i get one.
I was told i can save the stuff i recorded to a DVD recorder.
My Sony DVD recorder just has the basic red, white and yellow connections and an S video connection.
Anyone know how to do this?

So, is your problem that your Cable box DVR does not have a S Video out?
I have a directv dvr and record direct to a dvd recorder via S-Video and Lt/Rt audio. I caution you that the end results aren't the highest quality. But it gives me archives of programs I want to save.
I do have an S Video connections on both the Verizon DVR and Sony DVD recorder. Also both the DVR and DVD recorder have the yellow, white and red connections.
I'm wondering if i first have to go in menu in the Verizon DVR to set this up, where i can send the stuff i downloaded on the DVR to the DVD recorder. I'm just using a basic coaxial cable right now from the Verizon DVR to my Sony 1998 27 inch TV.
Its not a Hi Def TV.
Here's how you do it.

First, you need a DVD recorder with 2 coaxial connections and a DVD recorder with a built in tuner

I have the Sony RDR-GX330 DVD recorder and Sony's customer service was great in connecting it to the Verizon DVR.

The way you set it up is.

First you take the coaxial cable from your home and connect it to the Fiox TV input on the Verizon DVR.

Then you connect a coaxial cable to your TV and connect the other half to the DVD recorder's coaxial's output.

Then you connect the red, white and yellow cables to your outputs on your Verizon DVR and then connect the other half of the red, white and yellow cables to the input on your DVD recorder.

Then you connect another red, white and yellow cables from the line output of your DVD recorder and connect the other half of the red, white and yellow cables to your TV's video 1 input.

Then you want to make sure your TV will get a picture.

Put a DVD movie in your DVD recorder and play.
Then on your DVD recorder's remote, click on TV/Video, keep clicking the TV/Video till you get a picture on your TV.

I'm using a 27 inch Sony TV from 98, so when i clicked on TV/Video, I got the DVD movie playing when it was on Receiver. Other stuff it said when i clicked on TV/Video was VHS and Game. I got the DVD movie playing when it was on Receiver.

Then you want your TV to get the TV picture from the DVD recorder, thats why you need a tuner in your DVD recorder.

You click on Input select on your DVD recorder's remote. I got all the TV channels when it was on Line 1 from my Input select.

Other stuff it said on my TV, when i clicked on Input select was, Line 2, Line 3 and DV. The TV got all the channels when it was on Line 1.

Then just use your Verizon Remote and you can change channels on the TV from there.

Then just go to your DVR section and click on what you want to save and play it and then click on Rec on your DVD recorder and it will record what you want. If you recorded stuff with commercials on your DVR, just click on Rec Stop on your DVD recorder when you get to the commecials and fast foward with your Verizon remote past the commercials and then when you get to what you want to record, click on Rec on your DVD recorder.

I was able to record everything I recorded on my DVR to the DVD recorder.

Also when you use the DVD recorder, you need to set the mode you want your DVD R or DVD RW's to record in. My
DVD R and DVD RW work like this.

Just click on Rec Mode on your DVD recorder's remote and you will get,
HQ = 1 hour, H5Q = 1.5 hours, SP 2 hours, LSP 2.5 hours, ESP, 3 hours, LP 4 hours, EP 6 hours, SLP 8 hours.

After your done recording the disk, to play this DVD R or DVD RW in any other DVD recorder other then the DVD recorder you just used, you have to Finalize the DVD R or DVD RW disk.

On my Sony DVD recorder, if you scroll down to page 35 on its manual, Just google Sony rdr-gx330 manual
It tells you you have to finalize the DVD R or DVD RW when playing on any other DVD player other then this recorder.

You click on Options on your DVD recorder's remote and select Disc Information and click enter. The display shows the approximate time required for finalizing the disk and asks for confirmation. Select OK and press enter.

If you have any problems, just call Sony's customer service and they will help you.
1 800 222 7669

Also remember to have your DVD recorder always on when using the TV, because your using the DVD recorders TV tuner.

When watching TV, if you want to record something from the TV to the DVD recorder, just click Rec on your DVD recorder and it will record.

The Sony DVD recorder also has a timer so you can set up what shows you want to record.