Anyone know anything about the Pathos TT

Would like any opinions on the Pathos TT. Thanks
It's an outstanding amp. Class A, 35W per channel. Like all the Pathos hybrids it's sound is easily tweeked with a little tube rolling.

The Classic is probably a better value these days.
I owned this amp a few years back. Nice sound and the ability to roll tubes... just need relatively efficient speakers. I never regretted owning it, but had to move on when I changed to less efficient speakers.
Heard this amp with Devore Nines at Sound By Singer in NYC..For Classical and Jazz this combination was unbelievable, Fantastic!
The Pathos TT is extraordinarily good stock, owing largely to the Inpol circuit design and good quality transformers and chokes. However like all but the highest end amps it uses cheap capacitors and resistors, and upgrading both can make it sound good enough to compete with all comers. Replacing the four 1uf coupling capacitors is the biggest "bang for the buck" upgrade. I had them replaced with Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors in my TT RR, and had several other capacitors replaced with Blackgates, and several resistors replaced with Audionote. My modified TT retains the timbral accuracy and SET sweetness of the stock unit, but adds improved dynamics, three-dimensionality, and bass slam. With these modifications it is one of the two or three best sounding integrated amps I have heard at any price. Next: adding Bybee Music Rails.
cellcbern. could you please shear all details what components you upgraded on your pathos amplifier.
I have pathos ttĀ  anniversary and planing to upgrade it.
thank you.
kind regards Deividas