Anyone heard the Art of Sound Subwoofers

I have been reading some good things about Art of Sound subwoofers. If you have heard and seem them what do you think?
There are a great deal many subwoofers out there that are very good foundations for fast, musical, tight, dynamic, and extended bass. If you've heard this sub set up weil somewhere, and like what you heard, your probably not going to find much better! let me explain....
....There are a lot of subs I've heard that are cabpable of doing either music or movies, or both, very well! If the price is right, and you think the sub is good enough, then buy!
Your REAL challenge, if you want anything anywhere near resembling world class performance from the sub(bass), is your ability to set-the sub up in the room, and in relationship to your speakers and seating possition!
99% of the people, or more(...yes, more), never get anywhere near good results from their subwoofer, no matter how good it is!...they simply don't know what they're doing, what the sub is supposed to sound like, or what's going on in their room/system, or how to set-up the sub period! ...negating any chance of ever getting anything other than poor to mediocre bass results it's a moot point if you aren't experienced. I've been in peoples homes time and time and time again, with the best equipment money can buy(and I mean some expensive stuff!...), and most every time, their systems sound bad bad!...especially the bass! Bass is the single toughest thing to get right, and requires knowledge and experience to do well in a small domestic house.
So, I guess what I'm saying is to spend good money on a descent sub you know is pretty good, and pay to have someone who's experienced set the thing up for you!..or at least help you. You'll be LIGHT YEARS ahead of the game, and get way way way more impressive results FROM ANY SUB!!
good luck.
Sorry if I didn't answer your dirrect question, as I've not heard your particular sub...just about a gillion others...
Hello David,
I am using the Cynergy sub by Art Of sond and I think that this is one of the best Hi End sub woofers.
I am going to post my review soon.
I heard the Art of Sound Tycus sub with a pair of Audio Physic Virgo IIIs speakers at a dealer in CT. I was really impressed with what I heard. While I did not do a direct comparison between the Art sub and the Rell Stadium III sub, from what I remember of the Rell, it now has some serious competition. I was told that both subs use the same amp. The Art sub seemed to have better pitch and integrated very well with the Virgos. It seemed to be faster than the Rell. And best of all, it looked better and was less expensive than the Rell.
I agree with Dm11. I heard the Tycus at Goldman Audio in CT. It is a beautiful looking sub, but most important, it took the Virgo 3's to another level! IMHO, all Virgo owners should consider a sub, especially the Tycus.
To any one who is interested in my opinion about art of sound subwoofers, here is my review:
My name is Meni , for some time I have heard talk about the benefit of a adding subwoofer to the sound system. For myself, I didn't think that my speakers(Jean Marie Reinaud, Offrande) need any help because they can go pretty low (30hz) and my listening room is not big. I have always thought that the lower frequencies that they produce are clean and very "punchy).

My amplification is the Musical Fidelity A3cr combo, and the CD player is the Roksan Caspian with Kimber Silver Streak interconnect and the oval 9 cables.
Another thing that I knew was, matching the sub to the speaker is a hard thing to do right, and many people have tried and failed. But, I thought that I will try to give it a chance, and I was searching for a Rel subwoofer.
During my search, I have heard about the Art Of Sound company and I was impressed with the web site ( I called, and spoke with Dave Craig ,the designer. I was very impressed with his knowledge and with the fact that he didn't try to "push" his product. I asked for "an audition at home" and he agreed.
The finish of the subwoofer that I got (Cynergy ) was perfect. The sub is beautiful. No other word can describe it differently. It is very heavy too.
I connected the sub and put the volume level in the middle and the frequency at 30 Hz. I didn't know what to put on the CD first for the test so I picked something with plenty of bass from pop music. Usually I listen to jazz and classical music but I have few pop music CD, and one of them is the Michael Jackson "thriller"
that remind me of my youth. I put track 9 ( the lady of my life) and set down.
My first impression was total surprise. The last thing that I expected happend. Instead of having more bass, there was clean punchy, accurate bass. so I checked to see if the sub was on and it was. When I turned it of and listen to that track I have noticed that without the sub the lower frequencies were not as clear as with the sub and the sound was a little bit "boomy" ( only in comparestment, since I have never felt that before.)

The second test was completely amazing. I have a CD which I don't like because of the second track. the CD is "I will be your Baby Tonight" by Bernadette Peters and the name of the song is "I make Him Feel Good". On that track, the bass was to strong for my ears, and I didn't know what would happened if I add to a subwoofer. Again it was a very big surprise when I listened to that song with the sub. It was like the sub performed as a room corrector and fixed that problem. Again the sound was much clearer on the lower frequencies. For the first time I enjoyed listening to that song. Then I tried some organ music ( JeanGuillow performing Pictures at an Exhibition. 24kt dor-9917) what a joy. I never thought that I would enjoy that CD as much as I did. With any music that I tried (in the last 2 months) this sub added so much purity and power to the sound. The lower half octave that I was missing before is present now with authority and purity. No one ever noticed that I have a subwoofer in my system because it is placed behind the couch ( 3 feet left of the left speakers) and the sound appears like it is coming from my Offrandes. It is like the Offrandes "big brother" that is there to give the support when the time is right ( 30 Hz). I am still amazed again and again how big the different is between listening with or without this sub. At the beginning, I asked my wife to participate in the audition and played her music with and without the sub, without telling her when it was on or off. It was very funny when she said every time that she prefered the sound without the sub because it is more musical without the boomy bass (not knowing that is actually was with the sub on...)
I was planning on buying a Rel Storm III, until I heard about the Art Of Sound Tycus. I talked to Dave Craig, and he convinced me that his product would outperform most of the other subs out there. I am buying one today.