Anyone heard the Alsyvox Botticelli planar speakers?

Full range ribbon tweeter/midrange and push-pull planar magnetic bass driver.  22Hz to 40kHz. 94 dB efficient due to all neo magnets. 260 lbs per speaker.  Has garnered enthusiastic show reviews.  BTW, "only $87k".   Looks beautiful.

@rhapsody Looking at that room, you are asking a lot of any speaker to sound exemplary while dealing with the various issues that a room of those dimensions elicits. If the Alsyvox had any issues, I would think they could be laid at the feet of the room...and its acoustics, or lack thereof. Personally, I wouldn’t want to demo a pair of speakers in a room of that size and dimension....whether it be a horn, a dynamic, or a Planar.
Same thing as I witnessed a few years ago, when Magico were demoing their then as new S7’s, in a room that doubled as a full size ballroom! Regardless of how one likes or dislikes the speakers from Magico...the room killed the speaker in that particular demo. Maybe next time, a smaller...more manageable room at RMAF?
I heard that these at the RMAF 2018. Best speakers I’ve ever heard. Sound stage was life size and tangible. Close your eyes and they were in the room real. Zero faults. 
Davey F,

YES, no doubt about it the room was ENORMOUS!!! We were concerned about it prior to setting up and listening.

Here are a few comments from people that heard the system/room at the below links.

The one thing I would say is that I am used to a BIG room with a 20’+ wide soundstage. I feel that this is the size of a real soundstage and my room has this similar size. If you have 5 or more musicians spread out it takes 20’.

For those and there are MANY that are NOT accustomed to such a large soundstage and sound I believe that it just seems too big to them. They are not used to it and might not even like it because it’s so big.

I can also say that when you play tubes ie, Jadis, you get a more realistic 3D holographic soundstage and the sound is more natural than with SS.

I like both the tube and SS presetations equally, they are just different.

Additionaly, everyone is not a planar/ribbon person.  Some will like the look/sound, many won't.  Our experience is that a LOT of people like Alsyvox and at this particular we never heard one criticism during the 4 days, basically just rave comments.  But then on the forums you will find comments from those who preferred other systems/rooms.  That's just normal and not an issue for me anyway.  Different strokes for different folks.  It's all good, just so people are happy.
Aother comment from teh Parttimeaudiophile article.

Mark Schifter // September 11, 2019 at 5:42 PM // Reply

Excellent Review Franklin – this was my pick for Best Sound at the show. 

I was really blown away with their ability to play with authority in that enormous room with ease. Material of all kinds were handled with aplomb. 

Glad you liked them also.


I can't keep track of the overwhelming commnents and posts from lover's of the RMAF room.  

Just making sure that people understand that the room or sound may not have been to everyone's liking BUT there was NOTHING wrong with the room or the sonic presentation to the VAST majority of our room visitors.  That is certain.

@rhapsody What I am trying to point out is the fact that if a speaker demo has people point out "issues" and that demo is done in a room that is "enormous"; then most times a lot of those very same "issues" can be attributed to the room. Since there has been some ’noise’ that the speakers in this room were ’slightly’ less able in the very high frequencies ( " they were tipped up") and the bass was heard to be "occasionally wondering"...this would certainly point to a room interaction.

Just like it can be difficult to dial in a speaker into too small a room, the same can be said for too large a room. Both offer their challenges. Now whether you (or other folk who you link to) actually heard the issue with this particular room at RMAF is another discussion. But my money is on those who have commented that the room
( ballroom??) was NOT ideal.