Anyone heard Mogami Cables

Just wondering what anyone thinks of Mogami cables, and what are their characteristics.
"Heard" is perhaps too strong a word. However, my Meitner PA-6i preamp, which retailed for US$2300 around 1991 uses "20002 Mogami VW-15c" cable for the wired remote, so I assume it's not junk.
I have been making my own interconnects from Mogami Neglex 2534 cable for 15 years. The secret is in the RCA plugs that one uses. Use cheap RCAs and the cable will sound fat in the bass and harsh on the top end, lacking stage width and depth. The best RCAs I have found (haven't listened to the really expensive ones) are the Canare F-10 or as I use throughout my system, Neutrik XLRs. Do I like my Mogami? Wanna buy my Tributaries? Blue Heavens?
I have not personally listened to Mogami, but a friend in the recording industry has his entire studio wired with Mogami. ...He claims that in pro audio Mogami is THE NAME in audio cable.