Anyone heard Cornwall IVs with McIntosh tube gear?

Thoughts, comments, jokes, experiences---all appreciated. 
A First Watt F5 would be a good match power-wise!
@ozzy62 , yes, that's exactly my thought and why I wanted to hear firsthand stories of people who have heard CW IV with newer (say last 10 years) McIntosh gear.  I totally get the historical stuff, but we are in 2021 and these are, for all purposes, new and different products.  The CW IV is a different animal in my mind than the I, II, or even the III.  

I'm curious because Macs can sound smooth, which may be a nice pairing with the CW IVs.  One thing is for certain--the CW IVs are super sensitive to everything you throw at them. 
I have Heresy IV’s which use the same tweet and mid driver and drive them with an Odyssey Khartago (110wpc) and it’s great. Yes, it’s solid state but fronted with a tubed Linestage. I think Mac gear would sound good with the Cornwalls