Anyone heard Cornwall IVs with McIntosh tube gear?

Thoughts, comments, jokes, experiences---all appreciated. 
i have not in any great length in a known environment, i am neither a mcintosh nor a klipsch guy, so have not had their gear in house (other than a pair of low end klipsch speakers for a short time)

but from what i understand about their sound profiles of their higher end gear, the combo should work nicely together
Mac valve gear is made for horns. It is made for Klipsch.. Every flaw there is in your gear, HIGH E speakers will show them. They will also be the best sounding IF you address the floor noise. Mac does a good job of that, if they are maintained.. Wonderful match.

I'm a Mac guy 50 years this summer, Klipsch, the first 20 year I played with them.. I like horns..

Yes, these were my assumptions.  I respect but don't get super jazzed with Mac SS gear--although I've never owned it.  I do wonder how my Cornwall IVs might sound with Mac tube pre/power. 
Like they should...OP... That's what all the older Klipsch used as a standard, Mac, and Marantz... It was just the way it was.. Everything else was kinda in second so to speak.. HS Scott, Fisher, Heath, Dynaco, good stuff. 

The standard was Mac, Marantz, Garrard, Thoren, Klipsch, JBL, Jensen, Altec. The true time of tubes.. there was no SS.. Just starting circuit boards. Everything was point to point or straight wire (turret board) point to point.

I was a Jensen Imperial and Mac guy at 15.. LOL long time ago..

Fisher 500C mated to Cornwalls ( vertical horns, mirror imaged ), when I was a kid.... a long time ago. A great combo. Grew up listening to Mac tubes with Klipsch ( a match made in heaven back then ). I say back then, because now, " I prefer " not using a preamp, and enjoy the noise free, black background, vice grip balls and speed of good class A ss driving Klipsch Lascalas. 
It’s hard to generalize how an amp that paired well with klipsch  40 years ago would work with modern Cornwalls. Klipsch has come so far with improved designs that although the underlying aspects of horn sound remain, the glaring issues have all but been eliminated . So people who aren’t familiar with the “new and improved” sound approach this topic with the thought that an amp must be able to “tame” the speakers. Because it’s always been that way.

McIntosh may sound great with the CW IV, but it won’t be because of some storied history. So many other choices may sound better.

@ozzy62 , yes, that's exactly my thought and why I wanted to hear firsthand stories of people who have heard CW IV with newer (say last 10 years) McIntosh gear.  I totally get the historical stuff, but we are in 2021 and these are, for all purposes, new and different products.  The CW IV is a different animal in my mind than the I, II, or even the III.  

I'm curious because Macs can sound smooth, which may be a nice pairing with the CW IVs.  One thing is for certain--the CW IVs are super sensitive to everything you throw at them. 
I have Heresy IV’s which use the same tweet and mid driver and drive them with an Odyssey Khartago (110wpc) and it’s great. Yes, it’s solid state but fronted with a tubed Linestage. I think Mac gear would sound good with the Cornwalls