Anyone heard/compared the Steven Wilson...

mix of "Aqualung" on vinyl?

I'm very interested in how it may compare to the MOFI.

I haven't heard the Steve Wilson remixed LP only because as far as I know, it
was only available as part of a multi-media package. He did good work on
Benefit, though, which was a really murky recording. I have quite a few
Aqualung pressings, among them the old MoFi, the DCC, the Classic
Records 45 rpm (both black and Clarity- 8 records!), UK early press
(probably first, can't remember), U.S. first, and several U.S. WLPs. The best
one among all those is the U.S. WLP. It is not a very good recording, which is
why I have so many different pressings.
HDTracks has the Steven Wilson re-mix on sale right now for $17.98:

And *every* Steven Wilson re-mix/re-master I've heard to date were astonishingly good. This guy is a true genius and perfectionist, I have virtually everything he's done and I have NEVER been disappointed.

Check out "Stupid Dream", "In Absentia", and "Arriving Somewhere...." from his band Parcupine Tree, these are tremendously good recordings.

Whart: Thanks for your info!
Yes Wilson's re mix of Aqualung is the best out there. His re mix of Benefit is also the best out the liner notes Ian talks about noisy amps and other things while recording Benefit which Wilson removed. Both are fantastic and worth the money. I wish he would do Stand Up. These three albums by Tull are my favorite.
Qdrone- am I correct that the Wilson remix vinyl LP of Aqualung is not
available as a 'stand-alone' copy (without the CD or DVD-A or whatever
other digitally readable formats it was sold in as a package?- that's how I
saw it marketed originally).
My old copy of Stand Up is sublime, I got lucky on that one, an orange
eyeball pink label, looks like it was pressed at Orlake, which I gather is hit or
miss- sometimes very noisy; this copy is great, very rich, no noise problems.
But, probably not easy to find at a price in great condition. Stand up is my
personal favorite.
I have the Wilson miced 40th anniversary "Aqualung" cd package. It is fantastic.

Steven Wilson has a FREE download on Amazon of his some of his solo pieces by the way.
I have the Aqualung remix and was astounded at the sound quality.
I also have a nice selection of Porcupine Tree recordings (some in 24/96) that never disappoint.
Steve has albums under his own name that are truly enjoyable also.
He is a true master recording engineer.
Well, I answered my own question, it was just released as a stand alone piece of vinyl. Another copy on the pile! I'll take a photo at some point of how many pressings of this record I have- it's almost not funny. And, it isn't even my favorite Tull record (Stand Up is, though I like Benefit, and Aqualung, as well as This Was).
I also have an island pink rim copy. Haven't gotten around to spinning it in a while. I have a American copy of this too.
What is the new run from another master? I have seen the Aqualung box going for 89.00. Just have to shop around
Qdrone- dunno, if the deadwax is any indication i'm happy to post it once I receive the record. I didn't have much interest in paying for the entire box of goods since my primary system is vinyl only- would rather spend on harder to get older pressings; but now that it is a separate release for 20 bucks (and given the improvement he wrought to Benefit on vinyl), it was too hard to resist. When I have time, I'll try to do a shoot-out with my other copies.