Anyone have experience with a Schiit Wyrd decrapifier?

I am constantly loosing connection between my MacBook Air and my Peachtree Dac-it, and was wondering whether a Schiit Audio Wyrd might help stabalize the connection. This can happen a couple of times a day to a couple of times a week. Any suggestions?
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Seems to me you need to set "priorities" to tell the computer that the connection is first priority. Instead of of no importance. What your computer is doing.. any task it thinks is most important, it will do those things and kill tasks it thinks are stupid. You need to make sure it understands the task IS NUMBER ONE important. Since I an a total computer idiot, I have no idea how to do that on a MAC. But I do know that is the problem.
You could Google "how to set priorities" in MAC (then all you have to know is what the name of your priority is...)
Elizabeth - Thank you, I will definitely do a search on that. I have other Mac's in the house.. so I can devote this mac to music playback.
Does email and text messaging interfere?

are you losing connection with anything else or just those two devices?
Just those 2 devices.
My MAC looses connection with my DAC causing me to have to restart devices. I've always had this problem occasionally.. I also have Bit Perfect running if that has any effect. I was wondering if noise from my Mac through the USB cable might be to blame?
After reading up on the Schiit Wyrd, it just may do the trick; however:

What USB cable do you have connected? I had a similar issue with my MacBook Pro connected to a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface; (essentially a DAC, albeit Pro Audio). Disconnecting / reconnecting the USB cable would re-establish connectivity; but I don't have to restart. Connectivity issues were reduced when I obtained a better quality USB cable; but it did not eliminate the issue completely.

I do have to state, though, that connection of my MacBook Pro via USB to my Oppo BDP-105 has no connectivity issues whatsoever. Of course, its an Audiophile (Oppo) vss Pro Audio (Scarlett) comparison.

Oh, and just a thought: have you checked your Audio MIDI Setup? Maybe the Clock Source?
There is a low price...maybe free.... app called Bitperfect that uses iTunes as your catalog but prioritizes playback as the primary function of the computer. Runs in the background. You never see it. Sound card/internal DAC is bypassed if you use USB out. Might be worth looking into.
Thanks for the response!
I have BitPerfect and launch iTunes out of it. I have an AudioQuest Cinnamon USB cable that’s about 8 to 10 feet.