Anyone have experience w/Shelter 501 II?

Anyone who has owned or heard the Shelter 501 II cartridge, I would be interested in your feelings (pro or con) and what you like or don't like about it.

My musical tastes are classical, jazz and folk. I have a VPI 'Scout' w/arm.

Thanks, in advance for any input.


I was using the 501 II on my Scoutmaster and loved it. I have sinced move up the Shelter food chain to the 90x but you can't go wrong with the 501.
Wonderful performer! I have used the Shelter with three different decks. A Nottingham Spacedeck, VPI Scoutmaster, and a Rega P5.
I didn't think it worked particularly well with a std. JMW9 arm, there was audible mis-tracking, more so then any other cartridge that I have used. It is a low compliance cartridge and the JMW9 is a low mass arm, not the best combo.

That said more then a few people have used this combination successfully. Perhaps the Shelter's have some variation in there compliance.
Many thanks to each of the replies, which I have received. I am still kicking this around and I really do appreciate your input.


This combo should not work well together. The low compliance of the 501 should minimally require a tonearm with 11gm effective mass, the jmw9 is 7.7. There are ways to get around this, adding mass to the arm, such as Cartridge Man Isololator or weights.