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Sota+SME IV=Ugh !!!
I think you need to look at the Tannoy's. 
Need a Magnepan UniTrac I tonearm repaired
I was contacted about this post, I rewire Magnepans. You can reach me at [email protected] 
Psvane Teflon capacitors real or fakes?
I am surprised to Parts Connexion is on radio silence for this discourseI am not Jallen, a few years ago they were called out for selling Oyaide knockoffs as the real thing. Claimed they didn't know, said they paid a lot for them. They've been in ... 
Best Speakers at RMAF 2011...?
The Western's were very dynamic for what they were but run a cool 100k. Apparently there were either only twenty pairs or twenty speakers made as they were from the mono era but there are about 100 on the market. Favorite current model was the TAD... 
Vampire Wire circa 1983
I would cut in a few feet and strip it and make sure it is not oxidized, if not, it is either high quality OFC or OCC with PVC dielectric. Value, again as long as it is not oxidized is around $1.50 to $3.00 depending on gauge and if it is OFC or O... 
Do you ever doubt you ears ?
only when I have a head cold 
Rogue Audio M 180 fuse upgrade
have you tried rolling the small signal tubes? If you want to improve the sound I would do that first. Mark likes smooth plate Tele's 12au7's and Brimar 12ax7's. Another great sounding option is the RCA 12ax7 black plates with square getters and R... 
Tubes Through Solid State
I've almost always have had a mix. Mostly its been a tube pre and a SS amp because powerful tube amps tend to been more costly then there SS counterparts. It gives a nice touch of tube magic with the ability to drive a load well. My current setup ... 
I NEED YOUR HELP with a turntable purchase
You my friend need a Saskia! 
Speaker cable made in USA?
Humm I've got a BS from Penn State and have worked in both the environmental and chemical manufacturing industry. So I have a 'little' exposure to scientific process.I also believe Caelin Gabriel's (Shunyata) background would qualify him as would ... 
Revel Salon 2 vrs Kef 207/2
Part of the what is going on with the Revel's and in-room placement is that their drivers are matched speaker to speaker to very tight tolerances. So it is relatively easy to put them in your room and just sort of eyeball the placement and they wi... 
Rogue M150 vs. Conrad Johnson Premier 140
The Rogues can also be upgraded to M180's which are amazingly good amps. They replaced my JC1's and I feel like the bettered them performance-wise in pretty much every way. 
Power Cords
If you want better shielding just tightly wrap three coatings of teflon tape around the whole power cable you have now!perhaps the most mis-informed advice I have seen in awhile. Teflon has no shielding properties whatsoever, none, zip, zilch. Wha... 
Why mono?
I was with Win at Robin's and the Miyajima Mono is one of the best cartridges made, perhaps the best. It was certainly the best sound that I have heard from vinyl and at it's asking price that's pretty darn amazing 
Need help C-J monoblock LP-140M with Siemens CCa
look up andy at vintage tube service