Anyone Experienced Douglas Cables?

I saw a review on Stereo Mojo about these custom made cables that the reviewer claimed sounded better than his 1,000.00 cables. I am looking for a 20 foot pair of speaker cables and the cost is quite cost prohibited with the well known brands. I can get these cables in a 20 foot pair with Vampire gold spades for 300.00. I am presently using a 20 foot pair of Groneberg Quattro Reference cables that cost me 1,200.00 which worked well with my Odyssey amp and Odyssey Kismet speakers as the amp and speakers were wired with the same cable.

I am now using Von Schweikert VR-33 speakers and feel I need different cables. Anyone, please chime in?? The VR-33's sound great with no apparent bass, mid or treble problems and I have a wall to wall soundstage, but the speakers do not engage me like the Kismets did. I am hoping different cables can get the magic back.
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My only purchase with Douglas' was to get a powercord using Furutech bulk cable and Wattgates. Ordering and communication were good.

They run a money back guarantee, so there's no reason not to try these out.

20ft is a long run - if cost is a concern, you might also look at the Mogami and Neotech offerings from takefiveaudio, as the cable cost per foot is economical.

On the other hand, if you're not feeling the magic from the speakers, maybe the problem isn't really going to be the speaker cables...
I have a 22 foot pair of Morrow Audio SP-6 speaker cables that I have never used if you would be interested.
Markus....Thanks for the offer but I am perfectly happy with my 20 foot pair of Groneberg Quattro Reference speaker cables. I only asked about the Douglas cables because there was a review on Stereo Mojo and the reviewer really liked them. The price was really right too, but my system sounds so good as is so I will leave well enough alone.
I see from your system posts that you just got the Vons in March 2014. Give them a few more months to break in before you start making changes. IMO. Plus, your ear needs to get used to the somewhat different presentation from your old speakers. In my experience, swapping a more expensive cable for a cheaper one is not the solution. If you want to fool around with cables, buy a run of 12 gauge Belden from Blue Jeans and play it for a month or two. Then put back your old cables and see what happens. Good luck.
The Von Schweikert's were well broken in when I got them. The previous owner had them for 12+ months. I am going to keep what I have as there are no obvious flaws.
No obvious flaws other than finding your previous speakers to be more engaging. Sometimes that happens and you have to suck it up and move back. I sold my Opera Callas speakers for another more expensive speaker and it just didn't work well in my room. I was lucky to find another pair of Callas monitors, as they rarely come up used. Good luck.
I still have the other speakers and I am enjoying them in my secondary system. I don't want to put them back in the main system because I listen to this system for5-6 hours daily while I am in my home office.

You are right about getting used to the Von Schweikert house sound I think the speakers are just a bit too much for the moderate sized room. Still getting used to them and will keep them as they are much too big and too heavy for me to schlep to the UPS store. My main complaint is they need to play a bit louder than my other speakers to give me a full sound.