Anyone experience with Shanling CD-T100MKII tube CD player ?

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I had taken one in on a trade that came up and was able to try it in my system, really wanted to love it, the looks just blew me away but it did not stay long was easily bettered by even a Jolida JD100 that had a few mods done which didn't stay long either. In hind sight they both brought to mind the term " midfi".
The original CD-100 (mkI) was great, it’s the one with 4 transformers across the back, it had the best Multibit dac 4 x PCM1704 and also the last best hdcd reciever PMD200 in it.

The CD-100 MKII was a let down, it’s the one that had 3 transformers across the back, it’s dac chip was the delta sigma based PCM1792 and no hdcd.,w750.jpg

No wonder tooblue didn’t like it much.

Cheers George