Audio Research VT100MKII power switch stuck on

So my Audio Research VT100MKII is stuck on! Switch rocks on and off but the amp stays on. Anybody else have this issue? Is there a fix without having to send back to ARC again?!! That was yesterday and it had been on since Sunday(had not realized til yesterday). Listened to music for a while last night with no problem and unplugged it afterwards. Now this morning I plugged it in to check it, the outlet sparked and the amp blew its fuse. Any ideas or input appreciated.
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You simply have to sit there and listen to it until it stops…I don't see any other reasonable solution.
Contacted AR about a new power switch and described the problem. They say it might be a relay stuck. Guess I'll be taking it to my local shop.
But thanks for the input!
There is a relay RY1 contact that is in parallel with the power ON/Off  switch contact.
It appears the amp has a soft start up circuit. The main ON/OFF switch contact is in series with a 5 ohm resistor that helps limit start up inrush current.

Jea48, seen that schematic. I'll let the shop deal with that. The power switch is one thing. The relay I will not touch.

I agree let a qualified tech fix it.


The OP would end having the same results as when he tried plugging the amp directly into the wall outlet.

Thanks all and especially jea48! To the shop it goes! Luckily I have my trusty D400MKII I can run until it's fixed!