Anyone ever compare the PS Audio Stellar amp (class D) to Benchmark ABH2 (class a/b)?

I just saw a video where Paul from PSA stated that the class D stellar amps gets you around 90% of the best class A/B amps being made including his BHK series. Of course you have to take into account he runs the business. I'm curious if anyone has actually compared the Stellar amps to the Benchmark. Yes, the Benchmark is 50% more expensive, however, they seem to be targeting the same crowd. 

I've actually thought mid to high end Class D sounded good many years ago (NuForce, Bel canto, etc). I believe the new Technics $18,000 power amp is Class D as well. So i'm not to hung up on the class A/B vs D debate. 

Just curious about the PSA vs BM amps and thoughts from users
I'd be interested to know what he thinks stellar class A/B is before commenting. :)

There are some megabucks class A I wouldn't have in my home for free.
I just ordered a BHK Preamp and it will be here next week. Next month my plan is to order a pair of Stellar M700 monos. 
PS Audio Dealer here****

I've never heard the Benchmark amps, so I can't really comment on those.  But having sold quite a few pairs of the PS M700s and S300s, I'm still extremely impressed with their performance.  At their price points, they are quite good.