Anyone else really likes Shawn Lane?

I think, he is quite incredible. I especially like his playing with Jonas Hellborg on bass.
His guitar sings. Very authentic.
I do. He is amazing. Youtube him with Hellborg & Sipe,
I saw this thread and jumped over to read his bio on Wikipedia. I was unfamiliar with the name before this. Quite a story (burned out from constant touring by age 18, dead at 40, and not really of his own doing, it seems). That's sad. A quick youtube visit demonstrated that this guy had some "mad skills" on the guitar. Not sure that this music's my cup of tea, but props where props are due.
I was unfamiliar with his also, I was watching a
Buckethead lesson & he talked about how great Lane
& Paul Gilbert were so I checked them both out. Well
Herbie actually did the talking :)

He talks about him at the 3:30 mark, view at your
own risk :)
Great. This is something quite different:
And this:
Wow! thanks, that second one was the most amazing guitar
work I've ever seen. Did you notice at the end Sipe &
Hellborg just looking at him in amazement thinking WTF.

I watched a Shawn Lane lesson on YouTube and just laughed. Maybe in my next life....

No-one else is interested?! How can it be?
They heard Segovia.
Everyone interested in guitar music heard Segovia. And many others. To put other things aside because it's a matter of taste, his technique is quite weak compared to some guitar players including Shawn Lane.
They heard Elliott Fisk too.
Hearing a lot of great guitarists does not predispose one to be dismissive of Shawn Lane... it's possible to enjoy recordings of Segovia, Fisk and Lane. Does anyone really think the perceived merits of Fisk and Segovia can provide a ready made yardstick that will fully evaluate and legitimatly rank all other guitar players?
Of copurse not,what they play is a major factor though.
Segovia plays classical and does it okay; Shawn Lane could play just about anything including classical as can John McLaughlin. And the best Spanish guitar I heard is Paco de Lucia. In fact, I would really like to hear McLaughlin/Lane duo with Jonas Hellborg or Dominique Di Piazza on bass and Trilok Gurtu on percussion. Not going to happen - Shawn is gone forever. Such a great performer, just listen to how he plays blues and improvised fusion. True art, like it or not.