anyone else notice the meridian speakers in......

the movie "what happens in vegas?"
just thought i should share. the whiff noticed them first, but didn't know what they were. so she asked if i knew.....yeah.....that's how i role.....
Is your spelling intentional, or are you joking?
Rhymes with sniff !
oops. role should be "roll". everything else is cool...
The wife asked me to watch with her last night. Yes I noticed them. Fairly expensive speakers I think compared to that dude's digs.
A friend has a pair along with the 808.2 CDP and sez it better's his previous set-up which was:
Wadia 861se(GNSC mod)/Spectral 4000/Spectral preamp/Avalon Eidolon/Tara/MIT Oracle cabling.
I think Hi End audio should try to get into the movies even more.

McIntosh (sp?) CD player was in the indie film Elegy.