Anyone else having issues with the Ayon CD-07s transport?

I bought an Ayon CD-07s here on Audiogon in 2013, and I've really loved the player, with a beautiful sound and solid construction. However, in 2015, the transport mechanism stopped working and the unit would no longer play CDs. Ayon connected me with USA Audio in Arizona (I'm in NC), and I sent it to them, via overnight fed ex, at a cost close to $200. Their charge to me to replace the transport it was $931.70, which included $186.00 for shipping. The transport was $433.00. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the unit back, because I could swear the sound improved.(Maybe it was just that absence makes the heart grow fonder.)  I asked what they had done to improve it, but I got no reply.
Anyway, fast-forward to 2018, and once again the unit is having transport problems. Again, I am looking at close to $400.00 just in shipping costs!. Granted that the CD-07s was not the top of the line when it came out, but seriously, I've had cheap computer DVD players that lasted longer than three years! When I contacted Ayon, they speculated that the symptoms (CD stopping, pausing, then re-starting) could be due to the microswitch, which stops the CD from spinning if the top is opened. The folks in Arizona kindly sent me a new switch, gratis, and I installed it, but it did not solve the problem.
The USA Audio people's solution to this is to replace the transport once again. I asked them what kind of assurances I would have that the same old mechanism wouldn't fail yet again in a couple of years. Their response was, just send it in and they would fix it, with no labor cost. I asked them to sell me a transport, so I could replace it myself, but they haven't responded favorably to that idea.
My conclusion based on my own experience is that the transport used in the CD07s was defective, not just in my case, but in many cases. How else to explain the fact two (expensive) transports failed in such a short time?  So, I'm trying to get data to either support my idea or just admit I've had bad luck with two transports that just happened to be lemons.
So, here are my questions:
1. Has anyone else had these issues with the CD-07s?
2. Would you replace the transport, for another $700?
Currently, I'm using the Ayon as a DAC, which so far has worked just fine.This utilizes the superb DAC with a transport that functions just fine. Anyway, I hope Audiogoners have some insights into this.

I believe the Phillips transport they used has a known issue of doing just that. 
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Seabury, I erred. It was not USA Audio in Arizona that I was in contact with. Sorry. I'm not sure that this error makes a difference for you though.
You would be better off dealing with somebody on the east coast, do some research
And NEVER send it overnight, that is why shipping was so expensive, 3 day fedex ground would likely have been 45 to 50 max, sure you can wait another couple of days to save 300 total round trip shipping!
The transport failure issue is not unique to the 07,it can be found in all of the earlier models.Knowing a transport replacement would be north of $900 I was so paranoid the transport would fail on my 5s I sold it.
Somethings are just not worth the headache no matter how magical they sound.

Dont know what laser the 07 use - but its no rocket science to replace these

Good Listening

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I have the same problem with a CD-07s bought in Paris France and the dealer is no longer there. Never thought it was a problem with the transport and downloaded the XMOS-Stereo-USB-Audio-Class2-Driver-301F_v3.20.0 driver. Unfortunately, once loaded, it refuses to recognize the device although correctly connected in USB mode...

As it appears to be a mechanical issue with the transport, I have no solution in France and the only way would be to ship it to Austria.  Based on the above comment , I would not risk changing the transport for a large sum of money as there is no guarantee of success.

I am a very upset customer as I have zero problem with a 200€ CD player than with this one @2500€ !

Open to any other suggestions.

Jean Ricoux (Mr)
Royan - France
Although sales are going down slowly and new issues are selling better on vinyl TellDunkin
When I had pickup problems with my CD-07, I ordered this and replaced it myself.

Later I have to replace the CD controller board, no other choice but order from Ayon Austria, not cheap. I get the dealer to order for me and I replaced it myself as well.

Now the CD-07 has been sold. Will never buy anything from Ayon again.
You would be better off dealing with somebody on the east coast. dgcustomerfirst
I bought a Raysonic 228 maybe 8-10 years ago. Very similar looks, but the 228 is a 2 box affair. After a couple years, it developed transport issues and I sent it to the then USD Quest 4 Sound. This happened at the time that Raysonic was folding up its tent and parts were not readily available, but, a new laser sled was. Alas, it was poorly installed and the centering disc connected to the spindle was missing, not that it mattered all that much.

I replaced it with a new Oppo 105 to which I upgraded the oem power supply to an easy DIY board from eBay. It sounds so good, I no longer use my dac/pre. I see used 105s selling for ~$800-$1000, a bargain for spinning discs with movies as a bonus