Anyone compare Electraglide UK R/R to Elrod Sig. 3

Looking to upgrade my CPCC Model 11+ 20A which I have been using with my Rowland Model 10 with good results. I have an Electraglide UK R/R feeding my PS Audio P500 and I'm thinking about upgrading the cord from the P500 to the Rowland. Do I stick with Electraglide or give the Elrod a try. In the absence of advices to the contrary, I will probably go with the Electraglide, as it elevated the performance of my entire system once tied into the P500. Thanks for your input.
Consider that both are made in similar fashion.
The Electraglide Epathany and the Elrod Statements would be an upgrade.
I put the EG Ultra Kahn revised/revalation head to head against my long favority Elrod EPS 2S on my Audio Magic Matrix conditioner. I use the 2S on my conditioner since I only plug low power tube amp and low power source components in, and it sounds better than the 3S in that position.

They might be made in similar fashion, but the sound is worlds apart. The EG is so detailed, it's almost startling, the soundstage is hugely open wide and deep. The low bass is powerful and full, sounds like a dream right? Well even with all those pluses I couldn't get past the fact that is seemed to make the music slower and less entertaining. The Elrod though not as clear and open presents the music in a more natural and cohesive way, at least in that place.

On my Ayre preamp in another system though I prefer the EG cord to the Elrod. Seems like you're just gonna have to have both to know for sure which one to keep.
I would try the Elrod, if for no other reason that to rule it out or decide you like it best. I currently have 2 Elrod Statements (wall to conditioner and conditioner to amp), 3 Signatures and an EG Epiphany on my tuner/surround processor(for HT). I found that I really like the Elrod "sound" - smooth, open, great bass, natural and musical without losing detail - for most of my componenets, but liked the EG better for my tuner/processor, as it brought out a little more detail from that component.

I would also caution you to make sure you are comparing apples to apples, i.e. the Sig 2 and Sig 3 are designed for different applications. I've also discovered that the different cords on the market are really system-dependent, so there really isn't a shortcut other than trying the cords in your system yourself.

Hope this helped a little.
Update: As an experiment, just put the Electraglide Epiphany on my APL modded Denon 3910, replacing an Elrod Sig 2. The difference was very noticeable - more dynamics and a lot more detailed. Its almost as though a "veil" has been lifted. I prefer the Epiphany on the Denon and tuner.

I aslo prefer the Elrod Statements to the conditioner and amp - this is the balance that seems to work best in my system. Lesson is that it may take different cords in your system in different places to achieve just the right balance of tonal characteristics you are looking for.
Yes, Fplanner. Sort of like diversifying your portfolio. (I took a stab in the dark). I agree. I have an Electraglide Ultra Khan which I use from the wall to my PS Audio P500. I also use a Juicebar out of one of the regenerated ports to expand the 4 ports to 10. I have thrown a Mini Khan Plus and an NBS Monitor 0 on the Juicebar and its just too much of a good thing. Sound became bloated. I swapped a TG Audio SLVR in place of the Mini Khan Plus and it was magic. Just the right amount of deep, controlled bass and very airy, delicate highs. So you are correct. Its all about balance and synergy.