Anybody tried solid silver wire as a jumper on Maggies? Magnepan LRS or other models?

Been very happy with my magnepan LRS, received in August.  I don’t need to use the resistors in the attenuators on the back panel, so I am looking at the stock metal “jumpers”.  They look like steel, or perhaps plated copper (I guess I should use a magnet to check- but I am listening now and don’t want to turn the system off to check).

keep wondering if replacing them with a solid silver wire would make a sonic improvement.  Silver wire of various diameters is available on ebay and jewelry making places, and as I would only need a few inches, cost would be small. And silver is very ductile, so forming the wire in a U shape should be easy. I have heard of people using a jumper made by one of the speaker cable companies, but wouldn’t solid silver be better/easier/cheaper?

So, have any of you other Maggie owners tried this? And if so, was there a sonic improvement? Or difference?  thought I would ask before trying myself.


meiatflast, It would not make any difference at all. The length of the jumper is too short. 
Read my review of the Maggie .7 at, and learn about the jumper problem Magenpan has. Their stock jumpers are junk (that is, if they are still using the ones that appear to be steel). They work, but rob the speaker of much beauty. Absolutely look for a different wire/jumper.

I suppose it should be mentioned that in doing so Magenpan might consider it a violation of the warranty. So, it likely would be a do at your own risk activity. However, this is one of the more benign moves an owner can make. 

I use 1.5 mm mundorf silvergold wires, 2 pieces for woofers and 1 piece for highs. I believe they're better than small pieces of cardas crosslink which were better than the stock jumpers in themselves.
On my first Maggies(SMGa), I tried 1/8" solid silver rod.     Afterward, bypassed the fuse block and jumper connections completely, internally.     Did the bypass on those I owned following, as well(MMG, MG12, 1.7i).     Maggie’s jumpers are ferrous metal.