Anybody out there replace their volume control with a Goldpoint using Vishay resistors?

I'm running an Audion Premier 2 box line/MM pre-amp in my system.
The volume control is getting a little itchy and scratchy, so I'm thinking of upgrading to the Gold Point volume control, using Vishay resisitors. as suggested by ARTHUR SALVATORE ( REFERENCE COMPONENTS-PREAMPLIFIERS ) in his Reference Components site.

Has anyone out there gone with the Goldpoint, and if so give us the spiel on your synopsis.

Arthur talks about V-Cap Teflon capacitors mods in the signal-path. Has anyone experience doing this mod, and if so what's your impression in this area?

I'm up in Niagara Falls, Canada, about an hour & a 1/2 from Toronto, and was wondering if any of the Audiogon community knows a reputable service tech who does this type of service work in my area?

Yes, I have, makes a pretty big improvement, but not cheap.

Just as important or maybe more important is replacing the input and output load resistors with Vishays.
As far a tech in your area, can't help there.
I switched over to attenuators a while ago, although I have no experience with Gold Point I can say they are a distinct improvement over pots - if you're not interested in the techy speccy stuff then probably best stop reading now ;-).
I recently ran some tests on a brand new "decent" 10k log pot out of curiosity and found that at -18dB the left channel was down 2dB on the right (that difference was worst at -48dB registering a massive 25dB difference). The stepped attenuator matches left/right better than 0.05dB right through the range down to -68dB. I also calculated that THD+N was around 5dB worse going through just one pot than it was going through my whole preamp. I use Vishay enpw 0.1% resistors but they're SMD the equivalent through hole version would be Vishay RN series - bulk foil look attractive but you're way down the route of diminishing returns if you go there.
As for the capacitors it's important to know their function in the circuit, if you replace the RIAA stage caps you need to either get close tolerance or be prepared to over order and measure their actual value - I wouldn't go for any more than 1% deviation from spec. 
I used a goldpoint for a little while and did not care for it.  It was detailed and open sounding but lacked dynamics etc.

I much preferred the lightspeed attenuator.  Much better pre...
No experience with Gold Point, but I build a preamp using a Khozmo attenuator which uses the Vishay naked foil resistors as the series resistor (in a shunt attenuator) and for all other signal path resistors. The shunt resistors are Takman REY. 

Since I replaced the entire preamp, I can't really comment on the specific influence of the attenuator, but overall my new preamp has considerably more detail and airiness compared to the Parasound JC-2 it replaced.

And as others have commented, volume tracking is dead-on. No shift in the image as you change volume.