Anyone rediscovering their old LP's?

I collected hundreds of LP's in the 70's and 80's. I bought a huge jazz collection from a professor who was converting to CD's in the late 80's, also frequented used record stores and bought, bought, bought back then. Also, had some friends who gave me their entire LP collections. Anyway, I never did much LP cleaning in those years other than sometimes a discwasher job. Plus, the Linn dogma then was to let the stylus clean your LP's.

Anyway, after a decade or more funk caused by the sorry sound of CD's, I just upgraded my 80's vintage LP-12, bought an ARC amp, Maggie Speakers and the biggest surprise of all: a VPI 16.5 and jug of RRL juice.

These records are coming alive. After reading many of the rcm posts here on Audiogon, I was dubious about saving my LP's and assumed most of my collection was unlistenable due to poor care. Wrong. I'm listening to stuff I acquired 20 years ago from who knows where and in some cases never ever played. And they sound fantastic. Some are admittedly bad, but for every bad one there are 2 or 3 good ones and a gem or two.

Phoebe Snow just finished, gonna go and clean my half speed master of Marvin Gaye, Midnight Love. Haven't listened to it since the elder Bush was president.

Anyone else with similar thoughts?


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Ditto, all the way around. Theres a lot of treasure buried under a very thin layer of schmutz.

In my experience, most jazz or big band from the 50s and 60s is magnificent on vinyl. A Recordings were straigt up, unprocessed and the pressings were amazingly well done. Also, I've found that 70s and 80s rock on Warner Bros. generally sounds terrific--Dire Straits, Doobie Bros., Lowell George (okay, one album), etc. Seems like Warner's was getting it right. It's amazing how much vinyl is out there that is NOS or nearly so--maybe listened to once or twice, and sleeved since then!
Hi, Sounds like you have enough LPs to open your own record store! hee hee

I'd say it was a very wise move buying the VPI 16.5
I'm about to listen to some LPs myself right after this response. Carry on! ;-) Mark
Yup, doing the same thing. Just bought a KAB EV1 and some RRL. Am listening to a lot of my older stuff, plus buying used, mainly at the thrifts. My most expensive used purchase has been $3 I believe. All others have been $1 or less, with 90% at 50 cents and quite a few for 35 cents! Have probably bought 35-40 albums in the past 5-6 weeks for about $25. I would say that about 3-4 at most are unplayable, 30-35% are mint following a cleaning and the balance sound very good with minimal surface noise following a good cleaning. I'm finding it difficult to listen to CD's when the vinyl sounds so good.
Just figured I'd interrupt for a second with some of my actual "rediscoveries."

Steely Dan's "Can't Buy a Thrill"
Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Tarkus," and...
Talking Heads' "More Songs About Buildings And Food"

How could I have ever forgotten?
About a month ago I had the exact opposite revelation. We moved into an apartment temporarily and after lugging in the 300+ unused lps I started thinking. I decided they will never get listned to here so out they go. My wife, of all people, disagrees with my decision. I will say though that as I audition these albums in preparation for auction I have rediscovered some great sounding stuff. Enjoy your rediscovered bliss.
ok double ditto . . .
I did exactly the same thing a year ago. It was like getting 150 new albums (my old vinyl collection) all at once since I hadn't played them since the early 90's. I also have a used record store nearby and am amazed how well vinyl cleans up after a good washing on the RCM. Most of the albums are $4 or less, and there's the last chance bin where they're $1. I pick up 5 or 6 new (old) records a week.
I just dusted off the old record boxes that had laid dormant for 20 years. Got me a Scotmaster/Sumiko Blackbirdeig, and jst last night my VPI 17 arrived and I cleaned about 7 lps and OMG, what a huge difference that made. Admittedly, some still have some noise, but it is minimal. A few have some disturbing sounds, but some are real gems. I will continue to rediscover the 300 or so lps I have, while buying more at the local resale shop.
A non-audiophile friend stopped by Saturday night. I had previously told him about my new record cleaner, and suggested he bring some of his old LP's over and we would clean them and give them a listen. They sounded good and we had a fun evening. He decided to leave his albums with me for save keeping :-)

Non-audiophile friends with boxes of LP's in the closet and who will unlikely ever own a turntable again can be great sources of old vinyl. Make a deal.
Has your taste in music changed in the last 20 years? I know I have rediscovered old lps I had'nt given a chance when originally purchased back in the 80's.
i have to say ive being dragging my records around the world
for the last 35 years every time i move its the part i hate most packing 500 or 600 records up and down stairs keeps me fit. my x wife would say why dont you get rid of those records keep draging them around. well the wife has gone and the records are here to stay and i must admit singing sounds much better than nagging..
I have been without a TT since 1984. I have been digital ever since. A few months ago I won big at the slots and bought a TT and a few new audiophile LP’s. So far I am not impressed with new vinyl. They can keep that overpriced 200/180 gram audiophile vinyl hand pressed by 18 year old virgin maidens high on a mountain in the Andes. The same old problems. Noise, warping and cost. Domestic new vinyl (the thin stuff) seems to be of a better quality and price. Now for the good part of this story. Used vinyl! Now that’s the way to go. For two bucks you can’t go wrong. My wife and I are enjoying our time together going through the racks at the local used vinyl store and have made some outstanding finds. Hell the artwork is worth 2 bucks.