Any users of Teresonic Clarison speaker cables?

I am in the process of upgrading my speaker cables from Xindak FS-2 (with xindak jumpers) and looking at several options. Recently auditioned Auditorium 23 which were very musical yet detailed.

Also came across a few review of Teresonic Clarison describing them very favourably. I will not be able to audition the Clarison cables so looking for feedback from real users out there would like to share.

Many thanks

The silver or 24K gold are both outstanding, better IMHO then the Nordost Vahalla's.
I believe that Beatster was asking about Teresonic's Clarison speaker cables, not their silver or gold interconnects.
I recently acquired a pair these speaker cables and they are simply outstanding with my Reynaud Offrande Supreme v2 speakers. They have significantly improved treble presence and clarity as well as bass definition and slam. Mid-range was and continues to be excellent. Resolution and PRAT are both great too!
Well, I'm thinking Beatster has probably figured out his speaker cable question in the past three years, but I'm going to respond anyway, because, like Jack Roberts on his audio website I don't know if I can name so I won't, I cannot believe these cables haven't gotten more of a buzz. I bought them a couple of weeks ago. They take all of ten hours to break in. They are separate runs for positive and negative, so you get four cables. I like the concept. Anyway, I've been at this forty years, and I'm a bit of a cable junkie. I've used at least two dozen different cables over long periods of time, many more expensive than this, many less expensive. But none better. Dead quiet. Wonderful harmonic structure. Fast, focused, huge stage, and a lack of electronic "tizziness" that I aim for in my system in all of my gear. Hard to do without throwing out treble detail, but these do it, and everything else, really well. I have no affiliation with these people and don't care if you try them...except, you should! Heck, it's a money back deal so what's the problem? They don't work in your system (and we all know that could be the case) you ship 'em back. I don't write a ton of reviews, but these things hit me as a spectacular value in audio, and I was just enthused enough about them to want to try to get the word out.
I agree with Greenink. Great speaker cables.

Silver interconnects were a little two much in the main system but transformed my older/darker bedroom system.
At THE Show in Newport Beach this weekend I had the pleasure of hearing Mike Zivkovic's excellent Teresonic speakers, cables, and integrated tube amp. He mentioned that his cables are unique in the sense of being FULLY shielded via black box military technology conceived to block all radiation and susceptiblity to external fields. I replied that if this were so, it should be possible to bunch the cables in a rat's nest without experiencing noise or degradation. At this point he led me behind the equipment rack to reveal just such a mess of disorganized cabling. A very impressive demo!
Greenink & Dgarretson; Thanx for speaker cable responses, your writing much better than mine. I guess I missed Teresonic room at Show, but the name sticks somehow. Went to site, looks like great design, prices not too bad for these days. Yes I'm a cable guy too, like to DIY last half century. Like the rats' nest idea, seems to work better than evenly routing cables next to each other. See my TelWire thread, I compared those power cables to many others and they work good with any component I tried. Greenink: I value your opinion, chime in more often, Mike.