Any thoughts on the Shunyata Venom3S

Hi, just added a Shunyata Venon3 to my amplifier and am very pleased with the difference it made. Want to get new power cables for my DAC and CD player...anybody using the Shunyata3s which I believe it supposed to be used with parts of a system other than the amp. Thanks, Richard
I hve the Venom 3 on my amp, and Venom S on my phono stage. Very good results.
I think that they are hype and crap. I upgraded all of my very nice quality components and amps with "good" cables and never heard any difference at all. Snake Oil.
Hi Richard. I have the Venom 3S on my Oppo BDP-83SE as well as a Jolida FX Tube DAC Version 1. I'm also having very good results with these power cords in place as well. The Shunyata 3S power cord replaced a newer Baohing Volex 17604 cord on the Jolida and an Atlona OFC 12 AWG power cord on the Oppo. I didn't bother trying to put the Venom 3S on any kind of amplifier as I was already happy with the cords that were already in place.
Thanks for your feedback about the Shunyata Venom3s. The fact that others have positve feedback about the cables and they are so inexpensive seems like a no-brainer to me. Thanks again, Richard
I started my shunyata journey with venom 3s. Thought they were terrific for the money. Now I am using all black mambas and my transport and dac are plugged into a hydra 2. The amp uses a black mamba hc plugged directly into the wall. Then I added anaconda zitron xlr signal cables between dac and pre, and between pre and amp. Next I added the python zitron digital cable. Finally, I went with Clarity Organic speaker cables and loved them. Oddly enough, I never compared them to any of shunyata's speaker cables. System sounds better than it ever has but always open to suggestions.
Peachtree used shanyatta on there amps for the shows..very impressive