Any Proac Supertower Owners Out There?

The mid/low drivers in my supertowers are starting to go (I've already glued the rubber surround on one and the others are very thin and delicate) but Proac no longer has the original drivers for replacement. They're now recommending different, considerably heavier and more expensive ($200 per driver) ones which they claim would be an upgrade. The guy who used to carry these speakers - but is no longer a Proac dealer - says that the heavier drivers would result in a much worse sounding speaker. Who's right? Has anyone done the replacement? Or, alternatively, should I buy some other brand of driver (scan-speak?) or just save my pennies and get the Proac 3.8? Thoughts? Thanks, gon-ers.
Non original replacememt drivers will make your speaker "different". Nobody can tell until they are repaired.

The best solution is to get them refoamed professionaly. Do not do it on your own even though it looks simple. Firstly, the cone has to be centered and the glue they use is much different as it is water based. More flexible than the glue available available in stores. This will ensure you that the speaker will still sound the same as before...not 100% but close...better than changing drivers.

Just my 2 cents.
Thanks Genesis - It's the rubber part, outside of the paper cone, that's torn/repaired. Can that part be fixed?
I think that Millersound can do the repair work for this sort of thing--they're in the Philadelphia/Trenton area, I believe, and usually advertise in the audio magazines.
Is it the speaker surrounds? If it is, it can be replaced.
I guess that's what it's called... It's the soft rubber which is just inside the rim. And many thanks for all your input so far!
Yeah, take it to a speaker repair shop and they'll replace it like my first post suggest. If I am not mistaken, supertowers uses the foam surrounds. I used to have a pair a long time ago.