Any experience with ARC solid state amps?

Is there anyone out there who can tell me about the performance of Audio Research solid state amps. I'm most interested in the D-130, D-200, D-300 and 100.2. Thanks for the help.
I have a 100.2 power amp and I love it. Sounds like a ARC tube amp without the hassle and expense of tubes.
I have a D-300 that I now use as a spare and it is always a pleasure when its in line. Although not really tube like; the D-300 conveys a good presence and "weight" to the music. I once had a Krell FPB 300 and to me the ARC was less fatiguing on the short haul. Somewhat soft at the extreme treble, but a wonderful mid and low mid. Runs cool, and never left the house for repairs. I replaced it with a VT 100 mk 3 for a true tube sound. And don't forget the D-400!
Hi Cseriks

I have had the AR D-130 for several years now and I love them. I have used them with Sound Design 3's, Thiel 1.5's and Harbeth ES-7's and while they have worked well with all they are outstanding with the Harbeths, a speaker that likes SS amps. They do not possess that SS harshness, but are rather tube-like in their overall sound. The build quality is typically AR, heavy and durable.

I would not hesitate to buy another AR SS amp.

Not sure why would would go with ARC for a SS amp since IMHO they are mainly a tube component manufacturer? Try the Nelson Pass stuff for a great SS amp, even the older Alpha or threshold.

I know a good dealer if you are interested in Pass.

For some reason, a lot of people (like Peter) think that just because ARC makes great tube amps, it can't make a good solid-state amp. That, of course, is absolutely untrue. The D-400MKII, the D-130 and the 100.2 are all great amps. I've owned ARC (tube and solid-state), Rowland, Krell, Classe, Pass and heard many Levinson amps and the ARC -- especially for the money -- can compete with any of them. Listen and decide for yourself.
9rw, it is not that I do not think that ARC cannot make a good SS amp, it has been my experience that while they are good, they have not measured up in my system and as we all know, YMMV. Good stuff but there are better IMHO SS manufacturers for the same money.

And like you advise, you have to try them in your system by listening.

This maybe a slight deviation from the topic at hand but has anyone compared arc ss amps to mcintosh ss amps of similar cost? I have heard the mc352 and mc2102 in the mcintosh domain but only a couple of moments with one of arc's tube pre-amps and vt100/vt200 amps, not enough for a realistic comparison.