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Corona playlist- time to smile
"The Day the Earth Stood Still"- Bernard Herrmann 
Favorite punk song.
SCTV's "The Queen Haters"- "I Hate the Bloody Queen" 
Favorite punk song.
Gang of Four-"Damaged Goods" 
Best rock song of all times
The Kinks dropped the "n' Roll" with "You Really Got Me"Good one, Zardoz. Love your movie. 
Equipment Rack Between Speakers...Good or Bad
+1 ┬áProf 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
Joe Scarborough !?! 
Who is the best singer of the world ?
Scott Walker-Rest In Peace 
Wilson Sasha Daws or Sabrinas
If cost is a concern (and weight), I would go with the Yvettes. The Sabrinas are nice, but slam can be achieved with Wilson's middle of the line speaker. 
Music similar to Mike Oldfield
+1 "Moonlight Shadow" 
Favorite band or artist of all time?
I love that song too! Actually, that whole album is good and filled with that "cheesy" Farfisa sound. 
Favorite band or artist of all time?
I know, but some lyricists advance in their years of writing. Like Brian and Jimi. 
Favorite band or artist of all time?
Nothing like lyrics about drag strips and sea waves. 
I Would LOVE to see.
Split Enz. The "clown" era. 
Movies employing music in a great way.
Absolutely agree with The Last Picture Show for an introduction to Hank Williams. A Clockwork Orange for Beethoven and Excalibur for Wagner. 
Any opinions on vinyl audio quality of Dead Can Dance's new Dionysus?
Sorry, that's Lisa Gerrard. And your welcome, photon.rz