Any experience using MIT's Oracle AClll?

I just inserted one and was "wowed". Was this unusual?
No, that's normal. The more expensive a product is, the higher is the buyer's expectation...the wow Factory is a direct connection with the price tag in Audiophilia. It will be tripled by those who can't afford it but dream of it...
"the wow Factory is a direct connection with the price tag in Audiophilia."

Don't take this the wrong way, but one of the biggest problems with high end audio is extreme subjective judgment. How do we know that the above quote is a true statement? Where can I look that up? Most of us here know better, but a new person may believe such a statement as if it were fact.
True Zd. I have Spectral. I use some MIT stuff based on sound improvements that are clear to me and friends. But others om this forum say the cables make no difference. And of course everyone will take their experience as valid-some feel absolute. I have no argument - just enjoy - and keep on enjoying the fruits of patient improvement efforts.

Spectral owner for (20yr). I used ZII  PCs. Skeptical of the ZIIIs, ACI and ACIIs. Recently upgraded; WOW , WOW and WOW!!!
Use your ears. If it's a genuine improvement; You will hear it. If it's subtle ; return for a refund.
Thanks nkonor for responding to my post. Although MIT is expensive I have appreciated that I have found value to go up commensurately-sometimes even moreso- than price. I am very uninterested in 'preaching' to the unconverted but it's enjoyable to hear from you. I have never put an MIT product in my system and wanted to return it--even though I was hoping 'strongly' that I didn't have to make the investment. I'm glad to hear the benefits gave you pleasure. Happy listening and best wishes for the holidays. Peter
Thanks Peter,

Ditto here. I just read a response on another thread; I gather from it that Spectral/MIT guy's are Extreme. And yes the prices are high but so is the performance.
Best Wishes on your Journey and the Holidays. Norb

Anyone want to give a shout-out for their fave M.I.T. dealer/retailer?