Any dangers or concerns doing this?

I run a home theater and separate stereo system in a room where the electronic stacks are separate but they share the same main speakers. When swapping systems I disengage the breaker on the amp not in use and change speaker cables. I want to run my 5 channel amp to the 20 amp circuit that my stereo amp uses without having to purchase a new cable for the run. My 5 channel amp uses the c20 style iec output while my pass Labs uses the more common c14 style. I see there are adaptors for this and I am thinking of doing that in lieu of buying and running another cable. This way when switching systems I can just unplug the one amp and put the same power cord in the other amp. Thanks for any input.

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I am really curious. Why not just keep the stereo amp for both, and use the 5 channel amp for center and surround duties?