NRG amp concerns

I have a chance to buy a NRG 201S at a very very cheap price. My question is the guy I am getting it from recieved it from his dad who has passed away and he knows nothing about it. I am going to take a preamp and small speakers to test it. My question is how do I know everything is ok with it. Do I need time to let it warm up and play for awhile or will I know something is wrong right away. Just dont want to throw my money away or back out for that matter. Thanks
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If you have a concern, ask the seller that you will buy it on the condition that a reputable tech gives it a clean bill of health. I would offer to pay for the test.
How much are you paying for it ?

They were impressively well made, I had one may years ago, sounded very good too.

If you don't have any measuring equipment, the easiest way to test it is by shorting the inputs with a RCA shorting plug, mount a 8 Ohm resistor over the speakers terminals and turn it on. Assuming that it stays on, let it sit for a few minutes then feel the resistors to make sure they have not heated up, if they stay cool you can hook up your system.

8 Ohm Resistor

The RCA Shorting plugs you can make from one of the presumably many pair of cheap wires you got with electronics over the years, cut off the plugs about 1" from the connector, strip the wire and twist the inner conductor together with the shield wire.

Best of luck

I am paying 350 dollars for the amp. I almost feel bad assuming it works. Seller told me its been sitting for 2 years in a controlled environment. When I saw it it looked very clean.
For $350 it is a no it!!!
For $350 its a screaming deal working or not, send it to me if its not working and Ill give you $350 for it :-)

Best of Luck

Picked it up today. Could not test it. Its wired for I need to have it converted.
So do I run a 220 line or spend the money to convert it? This amp is a little out of my leaque. I have parasound,rotel,parDigm,unity audio, psaudio. No clue what to use for preamp. Just could not pass up the deal.
Can most likely be rewired for 120V Operation - where are you located ?

Good Listening

I am thinking about getting it switched over and perhaps trading it
The designer of NRG amps and preamps was Denton Clark.
Here's his email.
[email protected]