Primaluna Prologue Premium CDP Heat Concerns

Gday, I purchased a Primaluna CDP about 6months ago. It had never been taken out of its packaging, so as far as I'm concerned, a brand new unit. 
After some lengthy listening sessions,, I've noticed, on ejection and retrieval of a disc, it is worryingly warm. Almost hot... 
Does anyone have similar experience ?
I spoke recently, to someone, who said, this was/is,a known issue. 
I have contacted Upscale Audio, but still waiting for a reply. 
Im wondering if this is why Primaluna dont make cdps anymore. 
Any experiences or thoughts and advice?? 
Cheers Andrew

A CDP should never get "hot" around the laser....just looking to have an early failure down the road. 
It’s normal, you have a Tube CD player. If you are really worried (no need to be), call Kevin @ Upscale Audio.  He is the distributor and part owner of Prima Luna.  
Some discs get very hot in some of my players. The polymer that CDs are made from is designed to handle the heat. 
Why use a CDP with a tube output stage? That can only color the resulting sound! Ditto for DACs with tube outputs. Model T technology!
Yeah man tubes run hot! Show me a piece of tube gear that doesnt. And if you wanna call the awesome magic that goes on inside a little glass bottle, Model T technology, then be my guest. (more tubes for me)

Matt M
CD’s are made from polycarbonate. Which is an amorphous material. As long as disc remains at below 250 degrees F no damage should occur.
Get over 300f… mmm blob of goo.