Any chance of Neil Diamond sacds ?

Does anyone have any inside info on Neil Diamond releases in sacd format ? eg: Hot August Night.
I have heard of no plans to put any of Neil's music on to SACD. But, if they were to consider re-mastering and SACD'ing Neil's work on the Bang; Uni; MCA; and Columbia labels ... that would be a more desireable event for me than putting the Beatles' output on SACD.

Neil has a new album coming out in the fall ... produced by Rick Rubin, who teamed up with Johnny Cash for the last decade of his life on American Records. I am hoping for similar things for Neil's new one.

Regards, Rich
A new Album , great news , i saw Neil recently here in Perth . Western Australia in March , he justs fantastic and after all the traumer of his divorce in the mid 90s he came out with "Three Chord Opera " 2001 , for me it was a huge return to form after such titles as "The Christmas Album"and many Greatest Hits compilations , I would love to see his back catalogue released on sacd , but mainly his earlier work : Hot August Night , Beautiful Noise , Jonathon Livingstone Seagull , Glad Your Here With Me Tonight ,Serenade , Love at The Greek with full lp track listing ? , if nothing else remaster these titles from the master tapes and release them in HDCD , "Three Chord Opera" is a HDCD release. Cheers.
Also, any chance of duet with Celine Dion? :-)
Bring it on , Bring it on . :) :).
He's playing Chicago tonight. Should I go? I would pick up a couple titles if re-released on SACD. "Taproot Manuscript" and "Serenade" come to mind.