Anthem Statement D2 OR Marantz AV7702 OR Emo XMC-1

Hello All,

I'm trying to decide on my next Processor.

I could use some of your expertise to help me decide.

My budget is $2,000 MAX.

I narrowed it down to 3.

1. A USED Anthem Statement D2 W/ARC

2. New Marantz AV7702

3. Emotiva XMC-1

I listen to about 50 / 50 music to movies, so both are equally important.
Also Room Correction is important to me also. Dolby Atmos is not that important for my setup. I currently use my Oppo to decode True HD via the Analog outs. I would also like to use all XLR connections, because I currently have the wires.

My current setup includes:
Anthem AVM-20
TOWERS = Paradigm Studio 100 v.3's
CENTER = Paradigm Studio cc-690 v.5
REAR's = Paradigm Studio 470 v.3's
Front Soundstage = EMOTIVA XPA-1 x 3
Rears= Anthem MCA-2

I was leaning towards the Marantz, but unfortunately that's the only one that wont fit in my current entertainment stand, it's about 1 inch to high. But i would consider just setting it outside the stand for now.

Any recommendations on which processor would give me the best overall sound for music and movies. Will these three be a substantial upgrade from my current AVM-20?

Thanks in advance
Why don't you look at the Marantz AV8801. It originally retailed for $3495 and is now being offered for $1999. (it is being replaced by the AV8802) It would fulfill your requirements easily and be within your budget. It is a great processor at the original retail. It's a steal now.
I'd go for the Emo XMC-1: Dirac room correction, 5 year warranty, and 30 day in-home trial.....
Have not heard the Emotiva but just bought the Marantz . It is a really good sounding pre . So good I moved it to my two channel rig to see how it stood up to my two channel pre and it sounded better . That led me to go out and get a Marantz reference 2 channel pre . The Anthem is also a great sounding processor too . Marantz or Anthem .