analysis plus differences

I need some inexpensive speaker cables. Anyone heard the Analysis Plus Clear Oval? How close does it come to the Oval 12, and would I be better off with a single run of Oval 12 or biwiring with the Clear Oval. Thanks
You can always run a single 12 now and then when it's time to upgrade again add a second run to biwire.

Of course I could do that but is the difference worth the money. The question is how close does th Clear Oval come to the Oval 12. Thanks
A valid point, and a misunderstanding on my part.
You could try buying both from a place that allows returns, or if (I think that's the right address) has them you could rent them. Listen to one combo for one week, then the other for a week.
You could also speak to John at Satellite to the Stars, who's an AP dealer and a straight shooter.

Your best bet is to go with the 12s & the cable-jumpers: almost all of the improvement from biwiring comes from eliminating the usual crap connectors between terminals.
Here's an article and a post by Jon Risch to further complicate (not always a bad thing) the whole deal (have fun):