Analysis Plus speaker cables

can anyone offer their experience with these cables? tonality? refinement? 

I owned a pair of the Solo Crystal 8 for a few weeks. Bought them used, so they should have been burned in.
I really liked the tonality, full, vibrant, pretty good extension in both directions. Not the most revealing cables, but for most, that is a good thing.

The one major nit that I just could not get past was the sound-stage though. A very immediate (forward) sound-stage, as if you were instantly transmitted to the front row. Stage was very wide and high, but no depth.
Personally, I prefer a mid-hall presentation, though I do know others that enjoy that front row excitement. 

After a few weeks I sold them, and have had no desire to try any other AP products. They are pretty popular, so I'm sure that others will have had a more positive experience than I did.
I had 2m Oval 10's and 2m Wireworld Eclipse (14 guage).

The 10's were brighter and more complete but like @jmcgrogan2 mentions, had less of a soundstage. The WW however were really noticeably darker, and friends who came over appreciated the improved sound stage but wouldn't give up the treble for it.

Eventually I gave up and reverted back to 12 gauge stranded copper with ICEPower amps and couldn't be happier.


thanks guys for the info. forward and no depth won't work for me.

I think leaving your budget might help get you some alternative suggestions. I'm going to look at some cables soon, and plan on exploring the CHORD Company line. Not sure exactly what the AP sell for, but I know some of their cables aren't too expensive.

I bought a pair of Copper oval nines for a pair of subs. I wasn't expecting much since they were a mere $600.00 plus dollars retail. One day I decided to try them out on my Snell Type B's. I was blown away! They were better than the Transparent Reference that were running at the time. How can this be? I've since bought the Silver Ovals. My interconnects are a mish mash though I expect to put all Analysis Plus on my system as time permits. I'm very happy with them. Joe
I used the Analysis Plus Copper Oval In Micro interconnects between an uber modded Oppo and a Woo Audio all tube SET headphone amp. I found them very open and musical, now that you mention it.
I’ve been using the Big Silver Ovals, for the past four years, with great satisfaction. I don’t want anything in my system to editorialize what’s on my personal recordings. I found them to be considerably more transparent than the Wireworld Eclipse III’s, that proceeded them. No regrets and no reasons to look further.
Interesting jnovak-

what other gear is in your system?
jafant, Sorry for the delay. My system in use right now consists of;
    Snell Type B's
    Cary 306 SACD player
    VPI TNT Mark V with 12 inch tonearm and Benz Ruby 2
    BSG Technologies Signal completion stage (new piece of gear)
    Classe CP700 with phono stage (I really like this preamp!)
    Parasound A21 amp (I know this is an inexpensive amp but DAMN it offers a lot! I have a Classe CA2300 (?) setting on the floor gathering dust. I should move it. It's a nice amp but I'm happy with the Parasound. AND Big Sliver Oval cables and interconnects. Very pleasing sound! Joe