analog to digital conversion

Interested in taking some vinyl to digital...

What equipment are you using and your opinion on your end results.

Seems no consensus when searching for advice.

Looking at a Schiit Jil at this time...

Going to use my Sota to an ADC to a windows laptop.
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I use a Berringer U-Control UCA222

Easy to use, comes with software, provides 16/44 digital output, has a USB Digital interface AND a headphone jack.

When I replay the digital file and compare to the original source vinyl I cannot tell the difference.

I simply play/record one side at a time and the included softaware easily allows me to split the recording into separate tracks if desired.

It might not be the most feature packed solution, but it works for the number of times I tend to use it 

Best $30 I've ever spent
I'm using a Tascam DR-22WL recorder, records to WAV files.  Then I clean up and convert to FLAC with Audacity.  Results are pretty good, I don't hear much difference between playing the LP and listening to the FLAC file.
Turntable is a Rega Planar 2 (new motor, RB300 arm, tangospinner subplatter and bearing hub/bearing) with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. 

For a higher performance Analog rig I would use something better but for what I have the Tascam seems to capture everything I can hear.
Am using a Tascam 3000 recorder. you can set the bit depth and sampling freq.