Audio Research VT60 conversion to 220V

Hello. I have Audio Research VT 60 power amplifier that works at 110V. Since I live in Europe I shall to convert it to 220V. How to do this?
Step down transformer, 220V to 120V.... Isolation transformer being the best way, auto-transformer the cheaper way to go.

Bigger problem may be the AC frequency (Hertz) of the power transformer of the VT60. Look on the back of the amp where it says voltage and Hertz. If 60 Hertz only and not 50/60 Hertz the 60 Hertz only transformer on 50 Hertz mains will be mechanically noisier, run hotter, and will fail in time.
Thanks. I already have auto-transformer, but I would like to make this unit as it was genuine 220V/50Hz. I suppose I do have to make changes onto power transformer or to make complete change of it with 220V one. How to make coils on primar and secundar side is the question and if this transformer will fit because of limited space.

I am pretty sure ARC does not use multi-tap or dual windings on the primary side of their power transformers in their equipment. You would have to have a new 220V primary winding transformer installed in the Amp.

ARC would probably sell you a transformer but they will not change out the 120V to a 220V transformer. You would have to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.
9. Audio Research does not convert products for use with a different A.C. line voltage.