Amps used for Von Schw.VR2's??

Im curious to know how your running your VR2's with either tube amps or SS. Mostly in a music 2 channel, but HT crowd welcome. This thread is open to feedback and to share info on whats driving your VR2's. My own 2 ch. system includes: VPI Aries/JMW10.5/Benz M2.. SF SFP-1 Sign NOS tubes...Wadia 23..ARC LS-15 NOS tubes...ARC VTM 120 monoblocks...All cables are MIT 330 or 350..MH750 S3 from the Parasound and DH labs T-14 from the tube amps...except Phono and cd which are HT pro Sils Mk11. Recently I Bi-Amped the VR's with a Parasound HCA 1200Mk11 and running the ARC tubes on top. Very dynamic and open.
FWIW, one of Mr. Von Schweikert's favorites is the Spectron Musican II. In fact, he uses that amp to voice some of models.
FWIW, Richard Vandersteen also has great things to say about the Spectron Musician. With my VR2s I am using the Antique Sound Lab 1001 intgrated and the Cary 308 cdp. I/C is the Kimber Hero.
Thank you for the information so far of amps used for your Von Schweikert VR2's. The Spectron Musician amp sound like a highly regarded digital amp. I understand a Mk.111 is out or coming out.
FWIW, i use my vr2 with VAC avatar super with a gamut cd1with supra interconnects and supra sword speaker cables
Right now I am running a McCormack DNA 1 Deluxe which I am very happy with. Although I must admit I'm tempted to try a tube amp. The ARC VS 55 seems to be getting rave reviews. One of these weekends I'll make it over to the ARC dealer and take a listen, he carries McCormack so a comparison should be pretty straight forward to set up.

As for the Spectron Musician II amp, I have heard the same thing. When I demo'ed my VR2s, the local rep was running his VR4 Gen III SEs with a Musician II.
Thanks Guys.. Nice to hear of the diversity of amps with these VSA's. They are really great speakers and respond nicely to upgrades made in the sources and amplification.
I have recently replaced my ARC amps with a Plinius SA 100Mk11 and love the sound of the amp immensely!Very close to tube with more control at the freq. extremes. I have a post with some pics over on Virtual Systems/Ever Evolving listed as "Music Only!" should you like to check it out..Cheers!and Happy Listening!
I'm also using a McCormack DNA-1 , and it gives these speakes gobs of SMACK and SLAM.

I've been contemplating a digital amp, just for a change. The PS-Audio HC2 seems to get gushing reviews by all who have touched it. that is the likely direction I will go in eventualy.
Just picked up a Pass X150 earlier this week to drive my VR2s. It is a pretty good step up in performance when compared to my DNA 1 Deluxe. After only a few hours of comparisons the Pass is besting the McCormack in everything but bass slam and depth. More listening comparisons and time will tell other differences, but I'm sure I'll be keeping the Pass, it's a great amp.