amps,pre amps HELP

Ok Im very new to this vinyl obsession and need some advice,I recently bought a Rega RP1 with performance pack and have a chance to pick up a Jolida JD 9 pre amp at a very good price,my questions are
1- Would I be better off buying a integrated amp and skipping the whole pre amp stage,
2- If I get the Jolida pre what would be the best amp for the next stage
3- If I go with an integrated amp what would be recommended Ive been looking at the Rega Brio
any input will be greatly appreciated and I haven't even started to look at speakers yet
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Hi Corin,

1. Depends. Convenience in integrated amp, whereas pre and amp buys you into the fun, yet scary world of "upgraditis".
2. The JD 9 is a phono stage - are you already running a pre/int? Whenever I hear vinyl in a system, you should look at tube amplification; but I don't know the rest of the system context.
3. LOVE the Brio.

Good luck!
ok I have a rega rp1,and all I'm looking to do is play records but I want a decent system,i have the chance to get a jolida jd9 at a very good price but then i will have to buy an amp as well,or I could just buy a integrated amp and cut out the middle man so to speak,its not likely ill be upgrading anytime soon so I want to get as much bang for my buck as possible
Corin- If you get the Audioengine speakers you mentioned in the other thread, then all you need is the jolida phono stage. The A5+ speakers are powered w volume control.
Congrats on the RP1 and taking the plunge into vinyl. Its a lot of fun. Your also trying to build your system backwards.

Here are my thoughts.
1. I have found that external phono stages are often much better than the built-in ones found on integrated amps in the price range that the Brio is in. However, since every component should be carefully selected to compliment one another to achieve a balanced system, a great phono stage like the Jolida may be held back if the rest of the components are not up to its level.

2 & 3. Forget about matching the Jolida to an integrated amp. An amp should be chosen on its ability to drive the speakers that you have. This is its primary purpose. The rest, such as what components you plug into it, is secondary.

So, its important to always choose the speakers first and build the system around them. They will have the biggest impact on how your system sounds.

The above being said, here is what I suggest. You already have the table and I assume you plan on using it with the stock Rega Carbon cartridge that it comes with. If so, forget about the Jolida - it is way too much preamp for this class of cartridge. You can use the MM built-in phono stage on the Brio or any other integrated you happen to buy providing...

That you go out and audition the speakers first! Once you find speakers that sound best to you, then check to see if the Brio is a good match for those speakers and will properly drive them. If it can, no problem as you already know its phono stage is a good match for your TT/Cartridge combo. If you have to select another integrated that may do a better job driving the speakers you fell in love with, thats OK too. There are many more out there around the price of a Brio with good MM phono sections.

Good luck Corin!
thanks,Ive decided against the Jolida and am just gonna go with a rega brio as its going to be compatible with my rp1 which has the performance pack,now all i have to do is find speakers lol,its kinda hard to get to listen to any as I'm kinda in the middle of nowhere,any suggestions would be appreciated,and I'm a pink floyd,zep blues kinda guy if that helps
Rega RS-1 and RS-3 are both voiced on Brio. Very neutral, honest speakers that should do well on blues.
As much as I always advocate auditions, I also understand that its getting harder to find dealers in a good portion of the country to audition. Anything! So, new buyers have to rely on recommendations.

The RS-1 & 3 speakers suggested by Schubert seem like a good match spec wise for the Brio. I have never heard them, so cannot comment on this.They are 8 & 6 Ohm speakers with sensitivity ratings of 90 & 89 dbw respectively. As you get other suggestions, keep these numbers in mind as they are the minimum I would consider matching with the Brio. I would also only consider speakers of 6/8 Ohm impedance as the Brio does not appear to exactly be a powerhouse into a 4 Ohm load. Again Corin, best of luck.

There is more than one way to assemble a system. In your case you have gone from source to sink. No problem there. Now it seems you have a compatible match in a TT and amplification but have run out of budget (other post). As Paraneer states, matching speakers to your Brio is important, the 88dB, 6ohm minimum is a good recommendation.

You might consider the purchase of a set of Pioneer SP-22lr speakers which can be found online for no more than $130. I have a set in a second system and they are very good for the $$$. This will allow you to enjoy your system now and prevent a hasty decision regarding more expensive speakers while retaining your original budget wish. Afterwards, save some additional money, do your homework via online search, this forum, other routes. (You might give the folks at Music Direct or Audio Advisor a call.) You can stay within budget, enjoy now, and upgrade to your dream speakers later.

Please keep us posted. Enjoy!
thanks for all the suggestions its much appreciated